Backlinks for Driving Keyword Performance


Backlinks for Driving Keyword Performance

Start your search engine observations and see how well you perform. Your backlinks drive your keyword performance as any good SEO manager should know. Search Engine Optimisation London certainly does, so we suggest you put it to your team to answer the following; how do our backlinks perform in the competitive landscape? How many backlinks do we need to surpass our competitors? How does our profile compare with others and what can we take from this comparison? What are the most valuable sources our backlinks should be targeting? What are the results of our competitive assessment?
Why not put your backlinks policies to the test and see what the robots come up with? Create three articles with identical content and get them linked together but with one article having more links to your flagship content with a SERPs rating. Try distinguishing the articles by naming the articles with ‘how to do something’ which is always popular, but have one to include newest techniques, one with current techniques and the third with older techniques and see the results. Keep tweaking for a better understanding of the searches.

Backlink Strategies

Certainly the information should be relevant to the searcher and satisfy the query. A visually impressive site will hold the attention of the visitor for those precious extra seconds. Social media proof will certainly help, and there is nothing wrong with good content and articles flowing through the social networking sites. Maybe choose to have a designated presence here. Simple site navigation and ease of use will help contribute to the quality of the site.
It is advantageous to have a frequented site, or a collection of popular articles as this is what keeps traffic coming back for more and for a continuing time with no extra effort from the backlinks. This is an ideal situation and one that Search Engine Optimisation London enjoys sharing with you.
If your site’s backlinks aren’t being indexed in search engine, Google bot won’t even know they ever existed. Having a good backlink indexing strategy is crucial to make sure your website will be seen by Google and will assimilate all online avenues you are linking with to drive your site traffic. With this knowledge, Search Engine Optimisation service in London will help you develop your backlink structure so you can take into account link hubs. These are the domains that are linking too many backlinks, which will probably include your competitors and therefore, they are likely to be linking directly to your pages. There will be specific keywords and pages that will come up and be ahead of you in the main search engines. These will be your competitors and Search Engine Optimisation London recommends you give special attention to these. 90 % of clicks are from the first page of results so your SEO techniques should be there to make the results more expressive.

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Search Engine Optimisation London will help you develop your backlink structure so you can take into account link hubs.