Brand Awareness


The Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness why is it important?

In an Interview with Ravi Arapurkal we asked him about the importance of Brand and Credibility. Ravi is the Chairman of CEOvision Management. I have had the occasion of working with him when he was a Brand Director for AT&T. In the past he has been the CEO and Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi International UK

Online credibility and brand awareness (i.e., the credibility of a brand as a signal) as the
believability of the product position information contained in a brand, which entails ‘‘consistently delivering what is promised’’ (Erdem & Swait, 1998)

Online credibility and brand awareness and is one factor that can trigger a buying impulse in a consumer. The triggers can be positive or negative. Online credibility and brand awareness is the brands reputation that help generate a sale as long as the peer experience is positive


Why is brand awareness important?

Because without awareness of your brand, your prospective customers are more likely to purchase your competitors’ products or services.


Why is brand credibility important?

Because without brand credibility, even your most relevant promise may not be believed enough to attract prospective customers to purchase your products or services.


What are the elements of brand awareness?

The principal elements of brand awareness must be an emotionally motivating promise that is delivered in a believable and memorable way.


What are the elements of brand credibility?

A relevant customer benefit delivered in a believable way.


How do you build brand awareness and brand credibility?

By staying consistently focused laser-like on delivering your most emotionally motivating promise in the most believable and memorable way in all of your customer media and interactions.


In the current environment where shift has taken place from traditional media to online how do you build your brand awareness and credibility online?

By realising that changes in media and media technologies should not change fundamentals like the most emotionally motivating promise or the most believable delivery.


What are the important steps to keep in mind for the above?

Single-minded consistency and persistence of your brand messages.

Brand awareness is the brands reputation that help generate a sale and is one factor that can trigger a buying impulse, without which there will be no sale