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Effective Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

When you add relevant content  as per a content marketing plan to your website on an ongoing basis, generally monthly, the overall quality of your website increases and will then be recognised by search engines as a valuable content rich site. Under the Content Marketing Plan, by optimising content with relevant keywords, you will get organic (free) focused traffic driven to your site. Every page is an opportunity to make a sale. This content on the page is an investment to your business, not a marketing expense. Our professional copywriters, under the Content Marketing Plan, will create persuasion architecture and write your pages to convert internet visitors to customers and let your pages make the sales for you.

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Our Content Marketing Plan 3-Step Approach

Step 1: Analyze your business objectives

  • Evaluation quality of existing website content
  • Identify goals and who you should be targeting

Step 2: Content Marketing Plan Keyword research and content integration

  • Keyword analysis and research of target audience
  • Write and edit quality keyword rich content
  • Create press releases and distribute accordingly

Step 3: Content Marketing Plan Management and Measurement of Results

  • Analysis of search engine rankings and site activity
  • Monthly reporting of results and site improvement
  • Recommendations on how we can continually increase your website’s content quality.
 The Benefits of our Content Marketing Plan

By incorporating content marketing plan as part of your Internet Marketing Plan  you can increase your brand visibility, sales and profitability and realise many of the following benefits:

  •  Syndicating your content on various social media marketing sites will encourage conversation about your content and will support any “word of mouth” strategy that your business has.
  • Good information encourages people to link to your content, thus creating increased referral visitors to your website.
  • A good content marketing plan can generate many referral links which improves your Google rankings and in turn increases your number of site visitors and online brand visibility.
  • Good content marketing also reduces your need to use search advertising tactics as you will continue to attract more qualified visitor traffic, instead of continually having to pay to keep getting more visitors.

By continuously publishing valuable and relevant information through elements like social media marketing , you will be creating an internet marketing asset for your business.  Our Internet Consultants are trained and certified in the art of content marketing.  They will be able to create a customised Content Marketing plan for your business and help you gain brand visibility across the Internet.

Creative content Marketing Plan

Content is the art of conversations, it can mar or enhance websites. Content is the sticky fluid that makes your customers want to know you more and communicate with you. We create content that is compelling, engaging and enriching – content which is part of your brand story. For us, content creation is not only a nicely worded piece of collateral but a well strategised and targeted message enveloped with keywords in an interesting story. Content is the key to achieving organic ranking through Search Engine Optimisation.

Our bouquet of content services includes:

Content Marketing Plan Strategy: Your brand needs to be consistent to enable you to reach out to your target audience. We develop a content strategy for your brand so that it resonates the same way across all media and conversations.

Content Development: We use a well – defined process to develop content, which starts with research and target audience analysis, followed by building a messaging framework and then creating collateral. We create:

Core Content under the Content Marketing Plan

  • White papers
  • Articles
  • Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Data sheets/Solution sheets
  • Ebooks

Content distribution and repurposing: We use a well thought out strategy for Content distribution and repurposing – centered around distribution channels, your audience, and the type of content. We help you select the right channels for promotion and distribution of your content – so you make the most of every channel; build media relations for you – to help mark your presence in online journals and libraries; and repurpose and upload your content intelligently – to expand your marketing reach and help you make the most of your content assets.

Content Marketing Plan Analysis: Through industry benchmarking, competition analysis and target audience profiling we help you find how your existing content fare against industry trends and competition – enabling you to revamp and make full use of your existing content.

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Content Marketing Plan


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