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Customer Testimonial Service for Better Conversion rates

Customer Testimonial Service

Customer Testimonial Service helps if your goal is to build your brand credibility and lend credence to your brand  to build your margin of preference, increase conversion i.e. higher prices and higher profits then we can help achieve that through our digital marketing services.
Brand credibility and brand awareness are factors that can trigger a buying impulse in a consumer. The triggers can be positive or negative. You manage the positive and negative impact through constant interaction with the consumer.
Online credibility and brand awareness is the brands reputation that help generate a sale as long as the peer experience is positive.

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The last few years have witnessed an explosion in social media. Going far beyond a mere destination for friends to hang out and chat, social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs (such as WordPress) and forums have changed the face of online communication forever. Every individual has a mobile smartphone today which gives them instant access to a camera, internet and access to social networks instantly.
Every purchase decision that is made today involves accessing the internet and seeking opinion from friends/peers to seek their opinion before a purchasing decision is made. With the Internet at our fingertips, people are searching online to learn more about a company, brand, product, and service prior to making a purchase.
They go to their favourite search engine, type in a few keywords and click on the first few links that appear. Though consumers will likely visit your site for general information (if your site is ranked), they are more likely to view third party review sites (discussions, forums, blogs) to help them formulate an opinion. Engaging with the customers through a online and social media presence with an opportunity to discuss their experience with your brand and service will enable them to express themselves and narrate their experience positive or negative and will lend credence to your brand.
We can help achieve online credibility by implementing a strong and professional web presence, along with utilising social technologies. It has been long established that customer perceptions and your values lend credence to your brand.

You can achieve this through visually appealing video testimonials from your customers as well a text testimonials maintained on your website through our service. If your customers want to talk about you then would you rather prefer they do that on a third party site or your own website?

Customer Testimonial will build  you a network of brand ambassadors.

Constantly talk to your customers and get their feedback also through the use of our digital marketing services. Making your brand more credible will increase your profits too.

Authentic customer testimonial & reviews will also lend credence to your brand.

With majority of your customers being online you can engage with them constantly online through our customer testimonial service.

Displaying customer testimonials on relevant web pages can increase your conversion rate as visitors relate to and verify the validity of your claims. We recommend that you use audio, video and written testimonials to increase your online credibility and improve the chance of your visitor becoming your customer.

With the explosion of social media, video’s have become very popular. They help achieve higher search rankings on Google and lend credence to your brand engaging with consumers and prompting them to procure your service.

Written customer testimonial that is authentic can be essential in today’s environment. With a facebook population of a size of a country and twitter users exploding in numbers you need to engage with your customers wherever they are present online. We directly connect reviews on your site to those people and their friends, driving qualified new Social Customers to your site.You used to love getting reviews on your Facebook Page from customers and fans didn’t you? Then Facebook went and shut down that feature. But fear not, we are here to save the day! Qualified visitors from Facebook and Twitter, guided to your site by their friends are the most valuable visitors of all.

You can now get our ultra-powerful customer testimonial reviews system on your Facebook Page in two minutes flat. Our service adds reviews to your site in minutes. It integrates with Facebook and Twitter to push reviews from your site into the social media world. We additionally can add on-site SEO, phone support, a variety of extra widgets, Google rich snippets, sms reviews, multiple rating criteria, a CDN and much more. We also offer complete customisation and a range of extremely powerful features to enhance your reviews:  comments, votes, followers, location functionality and more.

Google loves customer testimonial reviews. Get direct feedback on your business. Deal quickly with customer service issues. Reduce returns by letting customers guide each other. Android application provided by us enables people to write and find reviews when they are out and about with their Android phone, making full use of cell tower location and GPS to give users local reviews wherever they are.

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