Display Retargeting




Display Retargeting for your Business Lead Generation

Display Retargeting- People searching online see hundreds of  banner ads everyday but most of the ads they see do not apply to them.

So how can you get your business in front of right consumers at the right time? We enable you to target prospects who have shown interest in your business as they surf the web. Display Retargeting includes two retargeting technologies namely search retargeting and site retargeting.

Search retargeting puts your ad in front of prospects who have searched online for information about your types of products and services.

Site retargeting keeps putting your ad in front of prospects who have visited your website while your are top of mind whilst they are considering a purchase.

Now lets take a look at search retargeting- Bob’s daughter needs braces so he searches for types of braces on a search engine, based on his search terms we pinpoint Bob as a strong prospect of a orthodontic business. Over the next few weeks Bob continues to surf the web. Our technology knows that Bob is in the market for braces and serves him the orthodontist banner ad at the exact time he is looking to buy.

Search retargeting is a great way to drive new prospects to your website along with many other internet marketing methodologies. Now combining it with site retargeting we put your business back in front of all those consumers. The beauty of site retargeting is that it works no matter how consumers visit your site whether they got there from search, display, print, outdoor display , telly or radio.

We keep your business top of mind with all your site visitors.

Sally is one such visitor to the orthodontist website. She visited the website and left without contacting them. A few days later as she is visiting some news and entertainment sites out technology remembers her visit to the orthodontist website and shows her their banner ad. She recognises the orthodontist ad and clicks their banner ad and returns to their site to contact them.

We put search retargeting and site retargeting to work for your business so you reach more prospects who are actively considering your types of products and services plus you get more visit to your website as we optimise your spend across both technologies and as those interested prospects are more likely to convert you get better return from your advertising investment. Display retargeting works for you to drive more revenue and conversion.

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