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Ecommerce web design London

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Ecommerce web design London is the foundation of successful online selling and with the festive season approaching, this is the right time to get a good idea of what works with ecommerce web design London and what does not. There is still time, before the shopping frenzy begins, to establish a brand new ecommerce store or tweak an existing one so that it follows the accepted template of correct web design for ecommerce sites.

How to achieve product visibility?

Product visibility plays a big role in getting visitors to your site and helping them make up their mind about a product. What are the various aspects of product visibility with an ecommerce web design London store?

• Product Differentiation on an ecommerce web design London site

Product differentiation is one way that newer ecommerce websites or sellers on large ecommerce sites such as eBay and Amazon gain traction quickly. It entails research and zeroing in on a sub niche that you think you can make money from. Unique content is a big advantage with unique products. It minimizes the chances of your site’s content matching another site’s and thus gets you on the right side of Google’s duplicate content algorithm. Unique products give you the opportunity to create distinct meta tags and meta descriptions, making it easy for you to rank for relevant searches pertinent to your ecommerce web design London online shop.

• Easy access to individual product pages of an ecommerce web design London site

For guiding visitors to the home page to individual product pages, it is imperative that the ecommerce web design London site allows for smooth refined searches. The big ecommerce sites offer excellent examples of how to help visitors narrow down their search as smoothly as possible. Carefully crafted unique product descriptions and meta data facilitates product visibility on search engines and drives traffic to chosen landing pages. The site navigation should feature canonical pathways to ensure that no page is more than four clicks away from the home page. Internal linking plays an important role in boosting individual pages. Be judicious in apportioning link equity from the home page to internal pages; usually linking to category pages is the norm, but you may want to link directly to seasonal products and those that are selling well.

Social media for an ecommerce web design London site

Social media for your ecommerce web design London store cannot work as an afterthought. It has to be integrated into the web design from the very beginning. A social media strategy for your web store will include offsite activities as well as onsite ones. Onsite, you should make it easy for your buyers to leave product reviews. Google Plus and Yelp should carry links to your site home page. Social media buttons should be embedded where they can be easily accessed. Social sharing is a form of endorsement and it travels far and wide with little effort on your part. Social log ins, which allow visitors to log in via their social media profiles without having to register on your site, are a must. Such logins help you create a list of subscribers for your newsletters.

A mobile friendly ecommerce web design London site

Mobile ecommerce is big; buyers are not only initiating but also finishing purchases on hand-held devices. It has therefore become essential for ecommerce web design London stores to ensure a responsive ecommerce web design London. A mobile shopping experience has to be smooth and quick. Fast-loading pages and easy search with the search bar prominently displayed are crucial to this experience. Galleries of products with star ratings help customers select quickly. Breadcrumb navigation should inform the customer on where it has reached in the shopping process. It goes without saying that your site should be optimized to be touch-friendly with the need for typing reduced to a minimum. Social media icons should be neither too conspicuous nor too hidden. The size, color, and positioning of the various elements on a mobile screen should be such that the user can take in everything in a glance. The call-to-action on a page should receive maximum visibility.

Easy navigation on your ecommerce web design London site

A visitor on your ecommerce web design London online store should feel in charge of his journey. A smooth and well-planned navigation brings down bounce rates and improves conversions. Special attention should be paid to the home page because that is where the bulk of the traffic arrives. How do you send visitors from here to your inner pages? A large pop-up category menu on the homepage of your ecommerce web design London site will enable users to select their destination page without much searching. Use breadcrumbs that inform customers about where they are and the path they’ve taken to reach there. Useful broad categories that visitors find useful include “New Arrivals” and “Discounts and Sales”. The search results should be easily filterable. Filter options vary with the product Links to similar products allows your business to up-sell and cross-sell effectively while giving customers to stay on the site longer. Product comparisons facilitate decision making and resolve the issue of visitors having to keep open multiple windows or frequently pressing the back button. Product images should link to the individual product pages.

The shopping cart should display all the relevant information

Your ecommerce web design London store’s shopping cart should allow users to make changes to the purchase from the page itself without having to click the back button. Buyers should be able to review the shopping cart, the price, enter coupon codes, and alter units purchased from one page. There shouldn’t be any surprises waiting for a customer on the checkout page. Once at the checkout page, the visitor is mentally primed to make a purchase. Any distractions such as offers and hidden costs propping out of nowhere can lead to an unfulfilled transaction. Incorporate the elements of secure shopping from the design stage itself. Get a VeriSign or Hacker Safe certificate and ensure that it is prominently displayed on your site.

Paying attention to these ecommerce essentials will ensure that you are ready to meet the approaching shopping season with the assurance of a robust web design to back your marketing.

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A visitor on your ecommerce web design London online store should feel in charge of his journey. A smooth and well-planned navigation brings down bounce rates and improves conversions.