Mobile Marketing-Effective Methods to Increase Revenue



Mobile Marketing- effective methods

Mobile Marketing-convenience & effective usage methods: Mobile Marketing in terms of usage mobile phones are used to check mails, web browsing and smart-phones are an appendage that no one can do without.  Research has shown that more than 50% of individuals use their smart-phones to check mails numerous times a day, while 29 per cent of consumers report they check email “constantly throughout the day”.   79% use it for help with shopping, as much as 74% make a purchase decision based on a smart-phone search and as much as 35% use their smart-phones to buy online. These statistics indicate the importance of Mobile Marketing. Incredible fact is that as much as 43% search after seeing a Telly advert and as much as 17% search after seeing a mobile advert. Also 42% will click on and mobile advert if they see one and 49% make a purchase after that and as much as 27% will use click to call. Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. Amongst the smart-phone vendors as much as 75% of the market share is split between just two platforms Android and iphones. It just takes 90 seconds for an average person to respond to an email and 90 second for them to respond to an text message. (, 2011).  70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 70% of online searches result in action in one month. (Mobile Marketer, 2012) and out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase. (Search Engine Land, 2012). These statistics may prompt you to leverage your email campaigns by making them mobile-friendly. Try and understand your consumers, do they check mails on their smart-phones, start thinking about the content of the message, as well as the devices used to view these messages. Mails that are mobile friendly will be viewable on a desktop. The following methods can be used to leverage mobile marketing as a additional and targeted channel

Calling, texting for Mobile Marketing

With such capability, do people actually get around to using their smartphones to make phone calls ?’ To make calls, is the most used aspect of a smartphone use. It’s imperative to understand your target audiences, their preference, also account for the distinction between personal communication like social use or interaction with brands. The importance of Mobile Marketing cannot be undermined.

SMS messaging is continuing to grow as a communication tool not only socially but also with brands. Research has revealed that 68 per cent of consumers use SMS daily and on occasions SMS is the preferred mode of communication for interacting with brands. One-fourth of consumers prefer SMS to receive travel alerts and 15 out of every 100, prefer financial alerts through text messaging than any other channel. What is the significance of this for marketers? If SMS’s are timely then they may be preferred as a delivery method for the consumers.

Mobile Marketing websites

More than 81% use the smart-phone to browse the Internet, 77% use it for searching products and services, 48% use it to watch the video . You want your consumers to have a fantastic experience on your site but alas should they not, they may just migrate to the competitor’s site. So you should ensure that your website is mobile-optimised. To enable people visiting your site on a mobile you should ensure they get a good experience? The mobile screens are much smaller than desktop screens hence compounded by the fact that people use large fingers and thumbs in a small cluttered space, they cannot be used to clearly render the same quantum of information as traditional desktops.  Keep it extremely simple. Make the user interfaces touch friendly. There should be adequate space between the links and buttons. The buttons should be large enough to easily click on them without overlap with another one. Hence you also need to use bigger buttons. Make it easy to enable the human eye to easily discover the information where they would search for it naturally and engage. If 77% are using the mobile phones to search for products and services contextual relevance is important.

Social media and Mobile Marketing

A study reveals that 63% use it for accessing social media platforms daily, and in some cases, more than several times a day. Do you use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for communication for the brand? These facts demonstrate that you certainly should be. You should start by developing social media strategies and also then explore cross-channel promotions. It’s imperative to understand how the social media messages are perceived by your consumers who receive these messages through a mobile device. First test a few campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to gather a better idea of Fans, Followers reactions and engagement.
You can even use QR codes to engage with your audience. These work best when the code lead to a mobile coupons, eTicket that make a transaction process quicker. Codes work well with mobile devices because the codes can be sent directly through a text message if clicked on they fill the mobile screen of the consumer.

Mobile Marketing Apps

By March 2012, more than 25bn apps had been downloaded since the launch of Apple’s App store in July 2008, to their iPhones and iPads. Similarly approx 10bn apps from the Android app store have been downloaded by consumers as reported in Dec2011. Google is now growing at a faster rate in comparison to Apple. Now the Android store delivers 1 billion app downloads every month

Once a consumer has downloaded an app it opens a new door to engagement with the brand and interaction through push notifications. The push notifications are lucrative as they require the consumer to take instant action by opening the app; do keep in mind that inappropriately executed push messages will only alienate users. As with any other form of marketing, it is imperative that we take the consumer preferences into account, as also seek email opt-ins whilst utilising the push notification as a communication tool.

Effective methods of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing 50% of individuals check mails frequently, 74% make a purchase decision based on a smart-phone search, are you ready for the revolution?