How to Create a Website and What Makes a Good Website Design


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How To Create A Website 

Any person that wants to build a web presence requires at least a website. Facebook pages are not enough. You need a central location from where you can talk to your customers and/or friends.

Here’s what you have to know about how to create a website:

#1: You can do it yourself if the project is simple enough.

There are two types of websites: static and dynamic. Static websites are written in html, css and JavaScript. The server delivers the pages exactly as you uploaded them on the server and your visitors can see the code that you wrote.

Dynamic pages and websites are different. The visitor sees a normal html page even if you wrote the page in php, java or any other web-based programming language.

If you want to build a simple website, you can do it yourself especially if it doesn’t involve any data storage capabilities or any account creation by your visitors.

#2: A database driven website requires one or more programmers.

Database driven websites requires a more complex set of skills that take years to acquire. You may also learn the basics in a few months but the basics aren’t enough most of the time. A database-driven website needs to be secure and fast. Both of these criteria require time to learn and practice. This is why your best bet is to hire a programmer to build your website for you.

#3: A visual website builder like XSitePro or Dreamweaver can do the heavy lifting.

A website can also be built visually which is similar to completing a puzzle. I recommend this option to people who have no programming experience.

#4: Everyone should know html and css.

Every person that spends at least a couple of hours each day on the Internet should know how to program in html and css. That’s because sooner or later you will encounter html and css code. It’s just a matter of time.

#5: Don’t use flash.

Flash is a way to make your website more interactive. YouTube videos and Facebook games were created in flash. By using flash, your website is no longer crawl-able by the search engines. As a result, you will get less organic search engine traffic.

How to create a website with a good website design

The following ideas will tell you what makes a good website design:

#1: Keep it simple. has one of the best designs in the world. Take a look at it and you will notice its simplicity. Design your website as simple as possible and don’t try to complicate things and add too many features.

#2: Don’t make your visitors think.

Keep this in mind while you’re building all the features of your website. The less your visitors have to think, the more addictive your website will become to them.

#3: Don’t ignore your user’s design expectations.

Most people expect that when you use a new font on your website, you do it for a very specific reason. There are rules of thumb that most websites use. You should respect most of them.

#4: Use fewer colours.

Don’t try to add too many colours. These designs are hard to pull off. Use three or less colours on each of your websites.

#5: Let your visitor focus on one thing at the time.

Don’t distract your visitors with 10 new design elements at once. They should focus on one design element after another. Guide their eyes gently and show them your page one step at the time.

#6: Make a design that sells and not just a design that looks good.

Don’t be fooled by the designers who want to create the best web design for you. The best looking designs are expensive and don’t deliver a high conversion rate. What matters when it comes to making money online is to have a design that converts. Yes, it has to look good but looking good is not enough. Ensure that it is not cluttered and busy.

A design that converts is simple and directs people step by step towards buying your product and service. Writing the right words is also important and your customer needs to feel like you are talking directly to him alone and the product was especially designed to solve his particular problems or challenges.

How to create a website -the above pieces of information give you some of the most basic things you have to know about building your website and how to determine if a design is good or not. Go right now and implement the above information. You will be able to get a nice looking website online in no time at all.

What Makes a Good Website Design

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How To Create A Website- If you want to market your business effectively and economically you will need to build a site. Factors that should be kept in mind.