How To Find Guaranteed SEO Services in Hertfordshire


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Do you have a traditional brick and mortar business or even an online business in Hertfordshire? Would you like to increase profits by having a presence online, especially in the search engines like Google? Then finding SEO services in Hertfordshire is your answer.


You are busy running the day-to-day operations of your business, how much time can you or your staff dedicate to marketing via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies? Furthermore, how can they keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is SEO?


The rest of this article is dedicated to helping the Hertfordshire business owners avoid costly mistakes and what to look for when choosing SEO services. Let’s take a look at what you should be asking and even more what you should avoid.


Should You Plan To Outsource To A Freelance Worker Or Maybe An Agency ?

If you haven’t considered hiring SEO services before, this is the FIRST question you will need to ask yourself.


Pros Of Hiring An SEO Agency


• Generally a broad selection of expertise within just one agency , giving you varied inputs and viewpoints
• A greater collective group of practical knowledge
• Several different points of contact at your disposal if required
• They will often possess previous working experience across several business sectors
• There is certainly the potential for total service integration, like paid search and email marketing


Cons Of Hiring An SEO Agency


• Usually more pricey hourly rates and a minimum term agreements
• Chance of working with an account supervisor instead of a devoted SEO expert
• A larger portfolio of customers could possibly mean you receive considerably less recognition – based on your financial budget naturally
• Might very well take longer to get going should they have a backlog of jobs
Note, even though this is a generalization, not all agencies have the above limitations but you should keep the points in mind before making the final decision.

Pros Of Hiring A Freelance SEO Specialist


• More affordable hourly costs
• Will often be able to begin quickly
• You feel as if you get more of their time
• They have a tendency to provide you with the “personal touch” that may be lacking from many agencies

Cons Of Hiring A Freelance SEO Specialist


• Operate alone and don’t have a group to bounce suggestions off of
• Project scope is more difficult to scale with the expansion of your business
• Much smaller collection of customers to gain knowledge from and share experience from
Of course, there are other pros and cons, but this gives you a general idea of the consequences of each course of action.

How To Find SEO Services In Hertfordshire


• Go to internet marketing events and meet-ups that allow you to have a discussion to prospective agencies or freelancers face to face
• Seek out companies that reveal knowledge through blogs/webinars etc. to try and find out if they’re enthusiastic about SEO and boosting website traffic for their customers
• Search for individuals that appear to recognize how businesses function and the realities of competing on the internet


What To Look For In A Proposal


You have narrowed down your choices to a few agencies or freelancers. What’s next? You need to ask them for a proposal. Here are some things to look for when you get the proposal.


1 – They Ask You LOTS Of Questions


Did you get a proposal BEFORE they asked you any questions about your business? This could be a red flag. It might mean either the Hertfordshire SEO expert is using a cookie cutter template OR they really don’t care about your business.


Look for someone that asks about your business and is genuinely trying to understand HOW your business works and not just from an SEO perspective.


2 – Their Strategy Is Definitely Customised To Your Business


As if the cookie cutter proposal wasn’t bad enough, if the SEO strategy is also a template DO NOT give them your business!


Get a SEO strategy that FITS your business. A good SEO company/freelancer will take into account that different businesses have different needs. A really good SEO expert will look at your business strengths and weaknesses and come up with a UNIQUE plan for your business.


3 – They Have Real-Life Experience


Your potential SEO expert MUST be able to demonstrate at least a few examples of their work AND how it helped their previous client(s).


What To Ask Your Hertfordshire SEO Expert


These types of inquiries need to be asked during the business proposal phase:


1 – What Exactly Is Their Strategy To Building Backlinks?


Google and other search engines are ALWAYS changing their search algorithms, so they need to be on top of the latest changes. A few approaches that are no longer useful are article syndication and directory submissions. If these approaches come up in the proposal DO NOT use that SEO company.
Instead, they should be providing ways of making your site an authority in your industry. They might be using creative link building techniques that build upon the USPs of your business and website. These types of strategies are minimal risk, and entail link building from web pages which are connected with your sector.


2 – What Exactly Is Their Viewpoint On The Significance Of Technical SEO?


If you can match your website and business needs with what Google is looking for, then you will have a website that WILL rank high in the search engines.
Your Hertfordshire SEO expert will be able to help you match your needs with that of Google’s and focus on integrating the technical onsite techniques with the link building techniques.


3 – What Does The Future Holds For Online Marketing?


Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question it is always good to get a picture of HOW the SEO company/freelancer thinks strategically.


4 – What Are Their Key Reporting Metrics?


How will your SEO service measure their success?
If they have done their homework from the beginning they will have the right answer. Do you want your website to be an income generator right off the bat or do you want more social interaction or lead generation?
It will ALWAYS come back to revenue. Did they make you more money? Did you get a positive ROI by hiring the SEO expert?
Whatever the approach, the results have to be MEASURABLE.


5 – Ask For References


NEVER hire an SEO expert without references! Some might hide behind NDA but if it really boils down to it you should agree to sign a NDA too.


How To Find Guaranteed SEO Services in Hertfordshire, For more information please Contact us today!

DO NOT hire SEO services in Hertfordshire unless you can verify their RECENT RESULTS.