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Corporate Enterprises to Grow your Business


Corporate Enterprises

  • Corporate Enterprises are you looking to revamp your website?
  • Are you looking to dovetail their online campaigns with their offline campaigns?
  • And since you are spending huge amounts of money on both offline and online, you aren’t sure what media is driving the traffic?
  • Do you want to measure ROI from your offline campaigns?
  • Battling with your SEO and your corporate website’s visibility?
  • Visits declining from both new and returning visitors
  • Website analytics dashboard not providing you with the information that you need?
  • Responsibility for the website resides in IT and not marketing?
  • Are you looking for landing pages or microsites for specific campaigns?
  • Or are you looking to implement a e-commerce project?
  • Are you looking to Generate more leads, perhaps establish your online credibility.
  • Maybe you are looking to manage your online reputation.

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Corporate Enterprises-Your on-line presence should be constantly improving and return visitors increasing demonstrating stick-ability but somehow it is not happening as it should. Do you need someone to focus on your on-line competitor activity and insure that the internet strategy is firstly in place and secondly provides a cohesive plan of action to insure a constant improvement of your brand presence and track that your products and services are receiving information or sales inquiries from the identified target markets?

Corporate Enterprises-What happened?

We’ve been answering that question on a regular basis for corporate companies who have somehow lost track of their website strategy.

Sometimes our answers will raise internal questions and require a revision of current strategies but they will be based on fact using analytics and future changes and campaign can be measured to the nth degree.

We also provide the following services through our partners

TotalTrack: phone only

Hear for yourself how your campaign is performing with a TotalTrack phone number. Get the full picture with report details pinpointing the time, duration and caller ID of each call. Hear your team dealing with customers firsthand to discover new training opportunities.

TotalTrack: web only

Go beyond the click! Discover which campaigns are performing better and why with the metrics that matter, like:

  • Website visits
  • Phone calls
  • Page views
  • Emails sent
  • Web forms sent

And thanks to our Reverse Proxy technology, you can get the reporting you need without having to make additions to, modify or even touch your existing website. Visitors see the site you want them to see, and you’ll still get all the performance data you need to make critical budget decisions.

Popular Services for Corporate Enterprises:

  • Achieving high search engine visibility
  • Developing corporate strategies to showcase products and services thereby increasing visits and growing subscriptions and information requests
  • Content marketing strategies to become a resource website
  • Persuasion architecture driving personas to the correct channels
  • Competitor analysis and Marketing plan development
  • Reputation management relating to service issues

Our Promise:

Corporate Enterprises if a service we offer isn’t realistically going to help you generate more business we will not sell it to you.

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