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Benefits of Online Market Research

How is online market research important?

With the proliferation of social media, mobile phones, tablets the conversations are happening online. People go online first before buying any product or service. The customers talk about you to their friends, colleagues, and to anyone else who will listen and is in their social sphere of influence. The last few years have witnessed an explosion in social media, in the form of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs (such as WordPress) and forums. These have changed the face of online communication forever. Now consumers control the conversation.

What better place to do research than online market research.

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The benefits of Online Market Research:

For any business market research is very important to understand the market and to tailor your product and services.

  • It enables you to analyse the demand and target your segments accordingly.
  • Business decisions should based on intelligence and adequately researched beforehand. Online market research will arm you with that information to make informed decisions  and also reduce your costs.
  • Market research helps you communicate better and connect with your audience. It will help you understand how will you meet their expectations and takes the guess work away.
  • It will also help you reduce your risk to stay fully focused in catering to their demand.
  • It also helps in identifying opportunities that exist and where there is a gap in the market not addressed by existing providers.
  • In offering a new service it will also enable you to understand if there are any preconceived notions that people have about the service and enable you to focus your communication accordingly
  • Market research helps you benchmark and measure the effectiveness of  your service or product.
  • It will help you identify and glaring shortcomings in the product and service. Ideally before a full launch you can test the waters by doing a test market and measuring the success of the product or service and then make changes required before a full launch.

Online Market Research -Market Researchers


  • Your clients want online market research strategy but that’s not your area of expertise?
  • Do you prefer to outsource online market research to specialists?
  • Who has the experience to provide the required skills and knowledge transfer?
  • How do you ensure you keep your clients and that they are provided with the latest cutting edge Internet            marketing information through online market research?
  • Finding a good partner to help your clients with Internet research is time consuming. There are lots of                    companies offering online market research services but what is their focus and expertise?
  • We naturally reciprocate by directing business to you depending on what is required.

What You Get:

  • We can represent you or provide a service to you to on sell
  • Ownership of the client and we will provide the support
  • Simple invoicing allied to your systems
  • Competent experts to help with your pitches and projects
  • Someone to advise your clients safely with online marketing

What Online Market Research Companies Often Want:

  • Brand Monitoring: So what type of content are these third party sites publishing about your brand? What are people saying about your company on the social networks? What is the overall “rating” of your product and services online? Establishing an online reputation management plan to ensure proper brand management of any conversations happening around your company will help you find out
  • Customer & competitor Insight Intelligence: Our detailed competitive analysis report will show the competitive activities in relation to various aspects and show you exactly what your chosen competitors are doing online. The report will reveal online strategies, short-term tactics and investment in online marketing.All companies should regularly conduct an online competitor analysis to ensure they track and respond to competitive activity quickly and to changes in the industry.  
  • Social Media Optimisation and Strategy supporting research initiatives : Listening to your audience, customers and potential customers is critical in this world of Social Chatter. The burning question for companies is, as an organization are you listening? If you have customers, most likely they’re talking about you to their friends, colleagues, and to anyone else who will listen and is in their social sphere of influence. Once you are ready to embrace the reality of public dialogue, it is time to find out what people may already be saying about you. There are many tools available to accomplish this, but unless you have a lot of time or are going to delegate this to a specialist who can concentrate on it, narrow your monitoring to a few key resources.
  • Landing Page design and optimisation for research initiatives
  • Blog design and copywriting

We’re pretty flexible when setting up a working relationship and are happy to negotiate the provision of our services. Think of us as an extension of your research department for online market research

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