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If you’re planning a business website, you may have an idea of how significant a role London web design will play in the success of your online enterprise. But only when you have clarity on why web design is such a crucial element for a favorable outcome to an online business, will you be able to appreciate the necessity of getting this aspect right from the very beginning. Consider a good website design in London to be the foundation upon which your internet business will grow.

You get only one chance to make a good impression with your website and London web design can help you achieve that.

Getting London web design right is important because –

London web design lays the framework for navigation. This is perhaps the most important aspect of London web design. Navigation should cover the entire site and should allow users arriving at any page to access any other page. Navigation should not be homepage-centric, the function should be easy to execute from any page. Good web design takes the guesswork out of navigation. The objective should be to reach the desired page in minimum number of clicks. This has become all the more important with the advent of mobile websites where the smaller screens place a constraint on the amount of content that can be displayed while the user expects the best possible experience. A logical navigation path also helps in organizing data on your site. Intelligent interlinking of content exposes visitors to the most relevant content and keeps them on the site longer.

• Good London web design sends a consistent and strong branding message. In fact, your website’s design is a part of your overall branding message, good design brings forth the ideas that your brand stands for. The most important feature of branding on a website is the brand’s logo. It signals everything from your intent to the persona you wish to project. It is present on every page and also serves to link the pages back to the home page. Keep in mind that the change of medium from offline to online should not affect the consistency of the logo –its size, colors, design, etc. Very importantly, great London web design allows you to fulfill promises associated with your brand through efficient and effective communication, order fulfillment, complaint redressal, etc.

London web design is an important SEO factor. Factors that search engines consider for ranking on the SERPs include quick loading time, user experience, and navigation. These attributes have taken on special significance because of the increase in mobile internet users. Websites that load quickly and do not freeze or crash during navigation retain both mobile and web visitors. Intelligent use of HTML tables, optimized images in JPEG and GIF formats, smaller icons, fewer animated images, background images for headers, CSS styles, etc. Good and satisfactory user experience results in users spending more time on your site. This is a signal factored in for SEO. And navigation, as mentioned earlier is easily the most crucial London web design feature, because it acts as a central facilitator for all other aspects that make a great website. London web design also incorporates knowledge of relevant keywords and inserting these in the pages in the design stage itself. For the best results, web designers should work in conjunction with the SEO person so that an optimized website is fleshed out.

• Search is an important usability feature. It plays a useful role in guiding visitors to the desired content and keeps them on the site longer. A London web design search box does require some thinking in terms of appearance and placement. It has to be easy to locate. Avoid placing search boxes in the navigation menu or at the bottom of the page. Keep it separate from other forms, such as the sign-up form. The “Submit” button should be big enough to click without having to take precise aim.

• Reading patterns play an important role in your website’s success. The website’s layout affects placement of content, it dictates the reader’s flow and also informs search engines about content that is worth capturing for display on the SERPs. Thus, every London web design project should be very clear about the site’s layout. Horizontal layouts encourage a Z-shaped scan of the page that begins from the top left, travels to the top right, travels diagonally and ends bottom right. Vertical pages facilitate F-shaped scanning. Know which type will serve your businesses’ purpose better. Split test both designs and settle upon one that gives better results.

• Aesthetics nudge visitors to stay on the site and take action. A London web design site that is aesthetically pleasing will always do better than another that leaves you feeling that something is lacking. The shortcoming could be because of poor choice of fonts or colors that grate upon the senses. Data suggests that sites with dark color schemes register higher growth than sites with light color schemes. Different colors for clicked and unclicked links enhance usability. Colors, spacing, and fonts should be used creatively for every London web design project to skillfully guide the eye from one element to another, such as from the headline to copy and from copy to the call to action.

Be it an ecommerce site, a blog, or your businesses’ online presence, a robust London web design will get you more traffic that will not only stay longer but will also execute actions desired by you, you get more conversions and sales – a direct boost to your marketing ROI. Improved visibility and better branding are a very real benefit of a London web design that gets the basics right. Kickstart your online business and hit the ground running from day one by getting a professional London web design company to create your website. Any compromise on this very foundational step will leave you with issues that will crop up sooner or later and you will spend more time in righting avoidable wrongs rather than in earning business.

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Good London web design sends a consistent and strong branding message. In fact, your website’s design is a part of your overall branding message, good design brings forth the ideas that your brand stands for.