Internet Marketing Case Study Wonder Bread


Internet Marketing case study on Wonder Bread- It was an integrated marketing campaign involving organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Website Design, Conversion Architecture, Social Media Marketing, Mobile marketing. The results were fairly visible on what can be achieved in this Internet Marketing Case Study. It demonstrates the return on investment for the client wonder bread in this Internet Marketing Case Study

Integrated Internet Marketing case study wonder bread campaign

Key Objectives in Internet Marketing Case Study

• Aggressively accelerate the online presence of WONDER brand (initially
over 3 months and then beyond)
• Online strategies working alongside with offline strategies
• Focus on re-inventing the brand online and changing the perception of
WONDER Bread being seen as unhealthy and white bread only
• Increase brand awareness through Facebook, SEO and Display.

Strategy to Drive Targeted Traffic Through
Display Ads
Facebook Ads
Social Media Email Marketing
From 5,200 visitors per month to
58,000+ visitors per month
Traffic increased by 1002%
Direct traffic increased by 1210%
Organic traffic increased by 487%
Referral traffic increased by 1146%
Facebook traffic increased by 356%
# of email addresses collected 50000+

To increase the number of Facebook Fans and engagement on the page, there were several contests, quizzes and sweepstakes we ran. Have a look at results below:
Home Theatre Contest
Number of
New Fans:

Whiz Quiz II Contest
Number of
New Fans:

Integrating Strategies on Internet Marketing Case Study
We had the pleasure of working with WONDER BREAD’s offline marketing
team to engage in their Olympic program which involved working with
the Canadian Olympic Committee and agencies to ensure that in store
promotion material matched online material. It was not only Internet Marketing but also offline results that were delivered through in store promotions.

Internet Marketing case study on Wonder Bread- It was an integrated marketing campaign The ROMI was visible on can be done with Internet Marketing

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