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Internet Marketing Digitisation

Internet Marketing Digitisation of the world – This is a video of the  digitisation of the world around us and progress in the Internet space.

Today the digital world around has permeated every aspect of our lives from the way we spend our time to the way we spend our money. It’s changed the way we communicate, its changed the way we entertain ourselves, it’s really changed the way we seek and receive our information. Now we are digital consumers. Hence Marketing has moved from off-line to online Internet Marketing digitisation of the world around us. We look for products and services on search engines instead of yellow pages. We search millions of websites to enjoy content that we used to find in newspapers and magazines, telly and through other off-line media. We now use emails, blogs and social networks to communicate and share with more people than ever before. This is Internet Marketing Digitisation, which has crossed over to multimedia through Video;s

We call this colossal shift from off-line to On-line Internet Marketing, digitisation of the world.

It is the most significant transformation of our times. At the pace we are going soon all the media we consume will be digital. Media has digitised, The consumer has digitised and your business is next. Infact Internet Marketing digitisation of the world is already impacting every aspect of your business, from the way you acquire and retain customers to the way you present your business and manage your reputation online. In the past, your brick and motor business was enough to establish your business but now consumers want to see what you have to offer before calling or making the drive. So you need a digital presence. Before the Internet off-line ads were enough to reach customers but now that your target audience is consuming more online media everyday, you need digital advertising to reach each digital consumer. Before digitisation of the world, the occasional post card or phone call with a special offer was the best way to remind customers about your business but now digital consumers are managing their professional and personal relationships online you need to engage them when they are most likely to respond. Before digitisation word of mouth referral happened off-line between two people, but now that your customers are expanding their social circles towards online, word of mouth referrals happen instantly between your customer and hundreds of people across their entire digital network. Our vision is that soon all business will acquire, manage and retain customers 100% digitally , so we have made it mission to help businesses just like yours navigate this digital transformation. That’s why we created the one platform that connects entire local Internet .

Due to the digitisation of the world, Internet Marketing digitisation is more important for your business than ever before

Internet Marketing digitisation -The digital world has permeated every aspect of our lives from the way we spend our time to the way we spend our money.

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