Internet Marketing London Guide to Use Twitter for Business


twitter for business

Over the past two years Twitter has come into its own as a premier platform for B2C marketing. Brands that invested in content marketing via twitter reaped handsome rewards last year. Twitter accounted for a big chunk of the social media traffic that businesses have reported for the past year.

There is a lot you can accomplish within the 140-character limit that Twitter imposes. This internet marketing London guide will give you a detailed lowdown on how to use twitter to grow your business.

1. Before you begin to add content on twitter, chart out a strategy. What is it that you wish to accomplish with your efforts – promote your brand, generate leads, generate sales? Once you know who your target audience is you can achieve all your twitter objectives. You can promote your brand, create a buzz about coming events, keep tabs on trends in your niche, monitor competition, get consumer feedback, build relationships with powerful opinion influencers in your niche and a lot more.

2. Get acquainted with how twitter works. Theoretically, you can have an twitter account up and begin tweeting in two minutes. But as a brand you need to step into the arena with a little preparation. Your profile has to be an extension of your brand. Your twitter bio should be interesting and honest. Your twitter handle has to evoke your brand and be easy to remember. Twitter handles and tweets show up on search engines. You benefit from organic search traffic.

3. Social media is all about two-way conversation. So, engage with your audience. Participate in their experiences. Retweet interesting stuff. Build a following.

4. Update your status regularly. Unlike Facebook or Tumblr, tweets occupy a timeline for a very short span of time. Make sure you have something interesting to say. Find out the best time to tweet based on audience response and engagement levels.

5. Make judicious use of hashtags. Tagging a tweet gives it a context and searchers looking for information on a given context will get to see your tweet in the search results.

6. Keep an eye on twitter trends. If you can sync your product or service to a trending topic and come up with witty tweets, a contest, or a giveaway you can get a lot of eyeballs, retweets, and one-way backlinks. Trends are location-based, and therefore can serve as a great tool to reach out to a local audience. The long-term effect of a well-timed tweet that becomes popular can be very rewarding.

7. Use the twitter search and advanced search functions to your advantage. You can search for people, images, videos, or insert a brand’s URL and see how the twitterati are reacting to it. This is a good way to monitor competition via twitter.

8. Do not shy away from requesting retweets. Research has shown that retweet rates go up appreciably when these are actively solicited. Just ensure that the tweet is a compelling one and deserves to be retweeted.

9. If more than one person is involved in posting tweets, then you may consider using a platform such as Hootsuite. This will allow you to schedule tweets, identify and connect with potential audience; manage content on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

10. The # Discover feature throws up tweets of relevance to you. This feature is a good way to find out stuff to retweet, people to follow, and get ideas for content.

11. Use analytics. The significance of analytics for a successful twitter campaign cannot be overemphasized. Actionable information derived from analytics data will shorten your learning curve, save you time and money, and achieve your social marketing goals. With analytics you can benchmark your performance against competitors, measure quality of follower engagement, traffic to your site, converting traffic, effective keywords and much more.

12. The short, sweet, and direct communication afforded by Twitter makes it perfect for mobile readers. Mobile internet users buy products and services worth billions each year. You can reach out to an interested mobile audience via twitter. If you’re going to send a mobile audience to your website then ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

13. Organize tweetups. Internet marketing London tweetups happen when twitter friends meet up in the real world and get an opportunity to express themselves in more than 140 characters. You can organize a tweetup for some from your chosen audience. These could be locals from an area where you intend to launch your product; or an audience to participate in a quiz or contest; or the heavyweight tweeters in your niche that you’d like to do a bit for your brand.

14. Keep tabs on the kind of media that works for you. What do videos do for audience engagement? Do images improve clickthrough rates? How about longer pieces of text using a service like Twitlonger? What are the response rates to your direct messages?

15. While services that announce trends, such as twitter, Google Trends, Yahoo News, Technorati etc, are a big help you must try to foresee trends and post related content. When it comes to social media, there is a huge advantage in being the first mover. If you can post breaking news first or assess how an event will unfold or even pick a winner on a sporting event, you will draw visitors to your twitter page and from there to your site.

16. Twitter lists are a useful feature that enable following people based on interests. You can quickly browse through your lists and glean information on what selected followers are saying. Get insight on what influential tweeple have to say on your product, competitor’s product, your niche, upcoming events, market trends, and a lot more.

As mentioned earlier, twitter has emerged as a force to reckon with for generating traffic that converts to business. Evolve an internet marketing London twitter-specific strategy and work on it. Twitter even lets you engage with your audience via promoted tweets. This paid advertising service supports geo-targeting and can serve to boost not just traffic to your site but also leads and sales.

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Over the past two years Twitter has come into its own as a premier platform for B2C marketing. Brands that invested in content marketing via twitter reaped handsome rewards last year.