London SEO Company Pointers to Social Media Domination


London SEO Company Pointers to Social Media Domination

Social Media Marketing

Ever since Google has made it clear that it is now factoring social signals to judge the SEO of a web page; London SEO companies have been forced to take a second look at how to approach content management on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Now that Facebook pages are beginning to turn up on search result pages for competitive queries, it only makes sense that businesses now acquire a greater understanding of the steps to take so that they can leverage social media platforms to not only connect directly with their target audience but also to gain a steady stream of organic traffic.

So, here goes…potent London SEO company pointers that will help you wrest control of the social media turf from your competitors.

  • The first thing to do is to remember that photos work wonders on social media platforms. Photos and not content are the drivers for social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr. So, make use of photos to promote your business. Images boost engagement and foster recall when aided with appropriate copy.


  • Do not make mistakes that others make; this is one big list of do’s and don’ts. For example, there is no sense in adding links in your copy on a social media site such as Facebook. Remove those mile-long URLs from your post. The thumbnail image on posts acts as a link to send visitors to the destination URL.


  • Create a good post; seed it with comments from friends if necessary, and if you can see that it’s catching on then work on it. Keep the discussion going. On a site like Facebook, it means exposure for your page, more likes, and greater engagement. On a site like Linkedin, a popular post that gets liked by readers and stokes engagement can actually appear as a trending topic and send a stream of viral traffic to your website. The moral of idea is that it is better to come up with one piece of powerful content and then nurture it instead of flinging stuff in the dark and hoping that something sticks.


  • Know what works where. This London SEO company tip presupposes that you have already charted out or are going to plan a social media strategy covering the big platforms. Which site yields the best responses for your marketing pitches? Many businesses have reported excellent lead generation via LinkedIn. So, you can take this as a cue for crafting posts on LinkedIn. How does Facebook treat you? Great for reaching out to existing and prospective clients.


  • Stay informed about features introduced by social media sites. This is as nifty a SEO company tip that you can hope to find in this entire article. Let’s take two quick examples. You can ensure greater visibility for your tweets when you precede a tweet addressed to someone by a full stop / period. Hashtags are a recent addition on Facebook; however, they work best on Twitter. Always keep an eye out for trending hashtags; these are geo-targeted trends. A savvy marketer can really make good use of them.


  • As a general rule of thumb for communication on social media sites. Engage more and advertise less. And there’s no gainsaying the repetition of the point that you need to tweak your content to suit the platform and its audience. Twitter, for example, is great for short, crisp messages or you can use it for a friendly shout out to your audience. Get pally with them. LinkedIn on the other hand is a professional and business networking platform.


  • Let there be continuity in terms of how you present yourself on different platforms. This begins with your profile; the description you choose, the header image, and the website link that you put up. It’s a basic SEO practice that you put up a link where it is assured visibility; but surprisingly many companies simply neglect to place a link on their social media pages.


  • Make your social media management program a fun thing – for yourself and for your audience. Quizzes, prizes, reader contributions, etc are some things that you can try.


  • Consider this London SEO company pointer with attention. You have tons of third party apps that make social media management easy, interesting, and also offer analytics. Instagram is great for adding pics on the move. Does it fit in with how you’re promoting your business online? It most likely does. Apps for LinkedIn allow you to stay updated on the move. Facebook has the maximum number of apps and tools than can help brands improve their lead generation, customer engagement, share content with other social media sites and do much more.


  • Know which social levers to pull and when. For example, if you’re hosting a competition on Facebook then Twitter is a perfect platform to let your followers know about it; that’ll most likely pay more dividends than announcing it on LinkedIn.


  • Know the ins and outs of each social media platform in terms of what works; there is enough corroborative evidence out there on different sites that can help you create a best practices template for each social media site. Let us consider this SEO company in London example; data shows that images put up on your timeline first and then to the albums attract far greater engagement. Shorter posts across platforms elicit the greatest extent of interaction.


  • And finally, a London best SEO company pointer that reminds us that these platforms can thrive only through social interaction. You have to interact with people in groups other than your own; you have to be seen on other people’s timelines, you should engage with people on issues ancillary to your industry. Be social to reap the benefits of social media. Your activities should have an organic spread and your approach should be a mix of the subtle and the direct. Human to human engagement is the key.


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Ever since Google has made it clear that it is now factoring social signals to judge the SEO of a web page