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The Penguin 2.0 update started on May 22nd. That London SEO company enthusiasts awaited its arrival with trepidation and excitement is a known fact. Now that things have settled down and the empirical results of what the update has achieved are being debated and discussed, let us take a look at what London SEO company tips you can put in place to get your website on the right side of Google.

In some senses, the Penguin 2.0 update has validated apprehensions that it would encompass more that the earlier algorithm update and be more stringent on errant websites.

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The update goes deep. This is an important point from the London SEO company perspective. Penguin 1.0 targeted the home page for unnatural links whereas this goes after such links even on other pages. Thus, the depth to Penguin 2.0’s crusade against improper and spammy backlinking. There is some relief, albeit short-lived, for webmasters guilty of possible misdemeanour’s and underhand SEO tricks. This is because this update to the Google algorithm does not span breadth-wise, as mentioned it chooses to go deep.

Websites with spammy link profiles have witnessed a major drop in search engine rankings; many websites noted a major drop in rankings on Google within days of this update being unleashed. So, what were the types of web-spam that Penguin 2.0 targeted and ones that you’d do well to clear your site of?

Get rid of scraped content, if you have any, from your site. That’s the first London SEO company tip. Stop posting rich snippets from other sites. If your site has multiple links originating from shady domains, drop those links. These are common sense London SEO company tips. If you have a WordPress blog, your task becomes easier because there are any number of plug-ins available that can help you audit the nature of backlinks pointing to your pages. Say bye-bye to keyword stuffing and weird keyword titles, created only to rank for keywords.

Focus on clearing the deeper pages of your site. The homepage may be the face of your site and the recipient of a lot of attention from Penguin 1.0, but now the health of your site is as good as the health of the content that resides within.

Google is very clear about what constitutes unnatural links. A vast number of website owners are guilty, at least in part, of violating these London SEO company norms so clearly spelt out by Google.

Stop buying links. Do not get backlinks from spammy sites. Blogroll links created purely for the purpose of passing PageRank will hurt your site. Do away with reciprocal linking; or at the very least be selective about it. Article directories are okay but only from reputed sites and in moderation. You can give low quality directories a pass. There’s nothing to be gained from links embedded in footers of websites. Forum signatures not germane to the discussion are a waste of time as far as getting Google link love is concerned, they may work for getting some direct traffic.

Check out the Google Disavow Links tool to get rid of unnatural and spammy links to your site. This is a useful piece of SEO London company tip that can really cut down on the effort you need to put to clear your site of bad links. It also sends a great message to Google; it tells them you are trying to cleanse your site of faulty links. Google wants such affirmative action. And will surely reward you for it.

If you wish to use keywords for anchor text for backlinks, choose your keywords carefully. The correct way to go about it is to assess where you stand vis-à-vis your competition in the battle for SEO content and then plan a strategy to create an honest and organic link profile. There is no way around good content. Create great content that can be of use to your readers and you’ll get links as well as the status of an authority site. You can accelerate the process by making use of social media. Facebook pages are a great way to get a captive audience for your content. And a lot many people on Facebook are industry movers and shakers, an endorsement from them in the form of a back-link or even text commendation can work wonders for your website. Concentrate on developing your web business as a brand. Do what you can to raise its profile and value. You can be sure to get a lot of Google love for it. What is the nature of work that goes into building a site’s brand? Well, SEO London company ideas implemented in a systematic manner will help you for sure. The foundation has to be a strong content strategy and it’s dispersal via the various above-board channels available. Videos, images, articles, PDF’s, and podcasts should be used to bring fresh and useful content to visitors. Over time, this will help you attract a regular audience, lower bounce rate, and get better engagement from visitors. These are metrics that you should aim to score at, if you want Google to reinstate your web property to its former position.

The SEO London company ideas to rise above Penguin 2.0 penalties will work equally well for local SEO. In fact, you need to enthusiastically work on these ideas to outrank your competition on local SEO. As you do it, you will realize that in doing so you can actually improve inbound marketing with all the useful content that you put up on your site.

It is advisable to put these powerful London SEO company ideas to use even if your site has escaped unscathed from this most recent Penguin update. Rest assured, the next update will get the marketers indulging in underhand tactics. You don’t want that to happen to you.

The bottom line London SEO company idea here is that you need to create value for humans, and Google will value your site for it. For now, this is all about links. Get good organically derived links. It’s time webmasters realized that it is not the quantity of links that matters but the quality.

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The Penguin 2.0 update started on May 22nd. That London SEO company enthusiasts awaited its arrival with trepidation and excitement is a known fact.