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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

A mobile application Development Process i.e. a mobile application development is an application developed for mobile phones and smartphones. In simple terms, a mobile application is a software programme for ones phone.
In terms of trends we have seen a steep rise in mobile application development due to an increase in Smartphone purchases and mobile advertising. Location-based services, social networking application, m-commerce, context-aware service, object recognition, mobile instant messaging and mobile payment. Also, more social & games related mobile application development in mobile devices is increasing.

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Are you allowing customers to slip through as they have a bad experience on a website which does not render to a mobile phone. More searches happen through mobile than through desktops. Are you ready for this change?

81% of UK Internet users between 25-44 are online daily, while 80% of those between the ages of 45-54 use the Internet virtually everyday. 86.7% of the populations have mobile phones source International Telecommunications Union. 17% have active mobile broadband vs. 8.5% fixed

Branding has found new turf in mobile applications. Mobile application Development not only engages your customers but also allows them to interact with your brand like never before.

We help with engaging mobile application Development – with a specific strategy. Before conceptualising the mobile  application, we understand the ‘brand’ objective behind the mobile application creation. A framework is then developed, given concrete shape with code, tested with diligence – to give you an app that is loved by you and your customers alike.

We develop mobile applications in native as well as cross platform frameworks. Native mobile applications have a smaller footprint; cross platform apps are slower. However, in both native and cross platform apps we use all the additional capabilities provided by phones including GPS, gyroscope, and contact database.

Whether you are considering a fun, mission critical or branding app– we will work with you to create the mobile application development that works for you.

We believe that applications should be used by all businesses . We can provide basic content based apps cost effectively which are available for a small set-up and monthly fee.

Mobile Application Development for all Platforms

As well as our base app’s we can also develop custom high end apps as well for clients with bespoke requirements which can be rolled out to iOS for iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms or html5.

Mobile Application Development Marketing– Be it mobile SEO or mobile campaigns we can cater to your requirements.

Our mobile application development and support capabilities include effectively performing the following tasks:

  • Developing mobile applications in Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
  • Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting requirements (e.g., UI design, prototype, wireframes, user stories)
  • Designing, developing and QA testing applications
  • Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices
  • Launching and distributing mobile applications
  • OTA download (e.g., install & upgrade)
  • Application Stores (e.g., iPhone App Store, BlackBerry App World, Android Market, Samsung App Store, etc.)
  • Providing maintenance and product support services


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