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Mobile Websites design- In this day and age, mobile phones are being used as frequently as computers. Statistics and trends indicate that Internet browsing is moving from computers to handheld devices, meaning a mobile website is a great way to share your company information and engage customers. So if your company is looking for an opportunity to reach new customers and enhance the experience of your current customers, a mobile website is a good idea. In fact, if your company is looking to embark into the world of mobile marketing and you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend that you consider creating a mobile version of your website at a bare minimum. This way, you can ensure your audience can access your website and company information on their handheld devices at any time. A Mobile-Friendly Website Can Work for Any Company with more and more people accessing websites on their mobile devices, it makes sense that companies of all sizes and sectors consider launching a mobile-friendly website. Almost every website can benefit from a mobile version, such as:

eCommerce sites –If you sell products online, why not give customers the opportunity of purchasing from you anywhere anytime from the palm of their hands?

Local businesses –If you operate a local business, offering your customers a convenient way to visit your website is a good way to enhance customer engagement.

News-driven sites –If the main purpose of your online property is to provide news updates to your audience, offering a mobile-friendly version allows your audience to easily access up-to-date information right in the palm of their hands. Mobile Friendly Websites Focus on the Customer creating a mobile-friendly website isn’t just taking your current website and trimming down the content to fit on a smaller screen. A true mobile-friendly website is friendly to its audience. This means focusing on the customer. Think about the typical cell phone user; they’re distracted, impatient and multi-tasking. Usually when people are on their cell phones, they’re also doing something else –whether it’s having dinner, watching TV, working on their laptops, sitting at their desks, walking through a shopping mall, etc.

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Mobile Website design- mobile phones are used as frequently as computers, statistics indicate that Internet browsing is moving from computers to mobiles