On-page SEO for E-commerce


On-page SEO for E-commerce

On-page SEO for E-commerce sites

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Implementing On-page SEO for E-commerce sites

On-page SEO for E-commerce

Introduction to On-page SEO for E-commerce sites

Creating a new e-commerce website? It is more than just a good looking website you need; it is more than a corporate brochure, in order for a e-commerce website to succeed, it needs to found on search engines, providing a steady flow of traffic that enables interaction and enables the transactions to take place. In the long run, the cost of implementing On-page SEO for E-commerce sites and Off-page SEO for E-commerce sites, pays for itself and it will be cheaper than even going for PPC. On-page SEO for E-commerce sites or search engine optimisation allows consumers to type a few search words on their service need and allows search engines to render your page. On-page SEO for E-commerce sites allows your website to be found.

More than 97% of the population, does not go beyond the first page of search results in the search engines, also possibly people only click on one of the top 3 or 4 results. It makes sense then that such websites receive substantially more visitors, than a website that is located on pages beyond the first. The purpose of good On-page SEO for E-commerce sites for e-commerce websites is to enable them to rank among the top results, based on common search phrases i.e keywords related to the subject matter of your eCommerce website through on-page optimisation for the e-commerce.

It may be a very strong statement but an actual fact, that if your website doesn’t utilise proper On-page SEO for E-commerce techniques it is will fail to deliver traffic and without a proper conversion architecture it is not likely to convert into transactions. It’s just the nature of the business beast. For top Google ranking, you should work with an experienced On-page SEO for E-commerce sites, service provider that is experienced in e-commerce websites.

Without a good On-page SEO for E-commerce sites strategy, you will be unable to build revenues. The whole purpose of these websites is to sell a product – if nobody’s looking for your service, nobody’s buying your services than need I say, you will not succeed. Any salesperson knows that sales are about numbers. It will depend on your conversion ratio’s of your industry but if you’re bringing in 10,000 unique page views per month, you start to build a steady stream of income through let’s say a 3% conversion

First Step is always the mandatory Keyword Research for- On-page SEO for E-commerce sites

Keywords are the phrases people use to search for services. If you have a website that sells popcorns, then you would want people to find your website by searching for something like “buttered popcorns”. If the consumer wants buttered popcorns, you will be found as search engines will render your page. Through keyword research you can identify phrases that people are looking for, when seeking your service and identify the ones that have the highest monthly searches and the lowest competition. This is the cornerstone of every On-page SEO for E-commerce sites campaign, because every other technique is built on this foundation, of the keywords, that you choose at this step.

The objective with keyword research is to identify keywords and phrases that you could actually rank for. The word “buttered popcorns” could possibly be a highly competitive keyword, with multitude of websites, using it for their On-page SEO for E-commerce site strategy. However, the phrase “peanut buttered popcorn” would probably be less competitive, which will enable you to get a high page rank for searches using that keyword. Of course, this keyword is undoubtedly searched less frequently than “popcorns”. So which one would you pick?

Higher Searches will always result in higher competition for On-page SEO for E-commerce sites

As a general rule of thumb, the more monthly searches, a search phrase has, the harder it is to rank. When doing the research, you should use a tool that gives the global monthly searches and the competition for any given ranking. Google Keyword Tool is a good, though basic, tool for this. Others that you can use are paid tools like Market Samurai. Conduct your research or a reliable company like WSInnovativesolutions will take care of this cumbersome process for you. You need to identify keywords with low competition and high global monthly searches.

The Google Keyword Tool also provides a list of similar keywords. This is the most useful part of the tool. You will notice keywords that you wouldn’t have thought of and by using this process you can slowly build a keyword architecture for your site.

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SEO for E-commerce allows consumers to type keywords and enables search engines to render your page, without one you will be unable to build revenue

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