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Customer Communication Strategy


Customer Communication Strategy-Prospective/Existing

Customer communication can take various forms at various touch points in a customer journey.  Constant customer communication can enable your customer satisfaction scores to increase. It enables the customer to reinforce their buying decision was indeed correct. It could happen through company collateral, company website, social media, mobile, testimonials, email, print and other means. It enables us to not only increase our customer satisfaction thereby enabling greater engagement with our brand, enhanced experience of our services and up-sell opportunities available to us. Constant engagement with the brand through drip marketing also enables prospective customers to retain top of the mind share of our services and brand.

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Regular communication with your customers brings many other benefits including making a change in service easier if and when required. Customers can also be a good source of new ideas for new products and services launch. It will also help you improve your service to existing customers by listening to their needs and engaging with them. With the proliferation of social media good reputations and bad, can spread like a viral. It also provides clarity to understand what they need.

You can nurture you database of customers and leads, in order to increase conversion, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, boost referrals and enhance your  overall brand reputation. This can be done through collecting more profile information on the members within the database in order to segment the list and sending targeted educational emails to the segmented lists based on their demographics, needs and interests.

Customer communication can be targeted at prospective customers as well as existing customers.

Customer Communication through Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be used to engage with prospective customers and lend credibility to your brand. They also serve to reinforce the buying decision of existing customers that their decision was indeed correct when so many people have testified to a positive review.

Customer Communication Through Drip Marketing

Customer communication through Drip marketing can utilised to engage with prospective customers and existing customers alike. Prospective customers who may not have engaged with your brand or bought your service can be nurtured through constant touch through drip marketing

Customer Communication through Our Email Marketing Services:

Consulting on the type of profile information you need to capture in order to effectively segment the database and how best to capture that information
Segmenting the your database and preparing the lists for the email campaigns
Consulting on the most effective email marketing campaigns for each segmented lists (ie: educational series, themed newsletters, webinar series, monthly promotions, etc.)
Sending targeted emails to the various email lists in order to nurture your client’s database
Managing the email marketing campaigns for you
Providing analytics reports to illustrate email marketing open rates, clickthrough rates, and increase in conversions (how many people completed your call-to-action)
Custom design templates
Google analytics integration
Database management

Customer Communication through Social Media Engagement

Social media the new frontier in the world of marketing- Inexpensive and seemingly easy to implement, social media is an extraordinarily attractive platform for business of all sizes. It enables you to create value through user generated content that is inexpensive and yet creates tremendous value. Social Media more importantly it helps you engage with your customers,creates a community involvement, unprecedented level of intimacy with your customer base and creates coveted brand loyalty.

Customer Communication through Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of conversations, it can mar or enhance websites or other media. Content is the sticky fluid that makes your customers want to know you more and communicate with you. We create content that is compelling, engaging and enriching – content which is part of your brand story. Your brand needs to be consistent to enable you to reach out to your target audience. It can take the form of white papers, articles,brochures, case studies, presentations, newsletters, e-books, webinars or other multi-media forms. Content is also the key to achieving organic ranking through Search Engine Optimisation. It helps communicate with existing as well prospective customers. Newsletters for instance can be used for existing customers and white-papers, blogs, articles etc for prospective customers.

Customer communication through website presence

Your website represents your portal to the world, your most permanent online asset which goes further than almost anything else to establish your brand, messaging, and offerings. Clean, modern , effective structure lends credence to your brand and enables you to engage and establish a relationship with your customers.

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