Building Your Customer Database

Building Your Customer Database

Building your customer database/client contact list should be a top priority for any company owner who wants to increase their customer loyalty and expand their customer database. WSI Internet Consultants can help build your customer database using proven internet marketing tactics like pay-per-click (PPC)  and search engine optimisation (SEO) .

Paid search advertising techniques  like pay-per-click can give you the immediate benefit of having a link to your website or landing page at the top of search engines by purchasing specific keyword phrases that are related to your business. Skilled, continuous management of these campaigns can not only help you build your customer database, but also lead to lucrative conversions.

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What is the importance of Building your customer database?

If you have an existing database of customers or you need to start afresh we can help. Research has shown that if you do not build a database, capture the basic demographic information at least, ideally though also you should capture psycho-graphic details, you are leaving money on the table by not leveraging your existing customer details. You already have an existing relationship and best way of selling is through relationships. These existing customers already know you and have experienced your services. Up-selling to them is the best available revenue opportunity. You can capture the information in an excel sheet and not necessarily a sophisticated CRM system. Building your customer database can by a vital source of your trade. Generating repeat business can be a essential source of revenue. Building your customer database can be an asset for your company. It is also essential to not only build your customer database but to maintain it. After building your customer database you may need to periodically de-duplicate the database. You should also continuously update it. It is essential to expunge old obsolete records. You can use our drip marketing service to validate your records and at the same time top of the mind of the customer to enable them to buy your service later. You should also keep in mind that you need to comply with the law. We can help you not only in Building your customer database  but will help you organise and maintain it. Once the database has been built we will help you market through our drip marketing  and email marketing techniques. The more information you have on your customers after Building your customer database the better it will help in marketing. You can then segment your database and target the most appropriate segments for your service after Building your customer database and capturing all the relevant information. Building your customer database helps you in building a long term relationship with your customers. Building your customer database can be the key to your survival in bad times. The Return on Investment for marketing to your own database is the highest compared to any other means of marketing.

 Getting on the 1st page of Google (through organic search results) isn’t easy, but a focused, measurable search engine optimisation plan prepared by us can guarantee 1st page Google results within a year. In-bound linking, directory submissions, blog linking and article posting will add value to your web properties and help in building your customer database.

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