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Lead Generation Strategy


Lead Generation Strategy in your organisation, is it working and providing the desired results? Answer the following questions to help us address your needs:

Have you stopped getting a significant number of new leads from your website?

Have your conversions from leads to sales dropped off?

Are your email mailing lists stale and not performing, drastically reducing your ROI?

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Lead Generation Strategy

Inadequate lead generation strategy can frustrate you- this is where we come and help you keep the pipeline flowing by providing qualified leads that can be a quick starting point and even hot or warm leads. You no longer have to work on cold calling. Lead Generation is the backbone of any marketing strategy. Lead Generation is the key to the success of any sales team and the organisation.


Lead Generation Strategy for sales is a must for the success of the business. The internet can help with lead generation for sales departments of companies. As traditional methods of lead generation lose their spark in today’s world, sales departments can turn to the internet as their new source for lead generation instead.


Gone are the days of cold-calling, as with the internet businesses can now not only generate leads, from anywhere around the world, that they want but also get qualified leads. The old ways have always been the lead generation strategy that were a hit-and-miss situation where there is no way to determine if the lead did qualify as per the business needs.


Now, with the internet, businesses can use their websites as a lead generation strategy tools to target and filter high number of quality leads. With more high quality leads, the business will have an increased conversion rate, thus generating more revenue, enabling you to meet your target and get more money in the pocket through commissions and bonus. Using the internet is a much faster and accurate way for lead generation strategy to work and help your business grow.


Sales departments of companies are the ones responsible for conversion but when the leads being brought in are, of low quality, sales departments will not be able to convert much of the leads and this will affect the company’s overall return of marketing investment. There will no longer be a pitched battle between marketing and sales teams battling each other, on the quality of the leads. On the internet, businesses can now use the plethora of tools available for a optimal lead generation strategy to help them learn more about their potential customers and have many more ways to reach out to their customers.


Websites for businesses are more than just a fancy interface but as a funnel for businesses to capture leads. Tools such as Google Analytics can provide lots of clues for businesses on the behaviours of their website visitors. They can know about the duration visitors are spending on their websites, how quickly visitors are leaving their websites, which part of their website is attracting high traffic, what visitors are looking for when they come to the website and much more. Information like this helps businesses to understand their market behaviour to increase their conversion rate on their websites. We simplify the process for you. You need not bother with the intricacies of this process but understand that we will ensure you get a full funnel to keep you going.


We can also utilise technology to identify visitors who visit your website and leave without contacting you.


Lead Generation Strategies that use traditional ways of cold-calling, are not very successful. Businesses may convert 2 out of 100 potential customers that they have contacted. However, with internet and a conversion optimised website, the business can convert many times more out of the 100 potential customers that they get from their website. Not only can businesses put themselves out there for the world to see instead of just locally, businesses do not need to be pushy and instead of going after customers, they can use the internet to let the customers find them instead. With the game now changed, customers that pro-actively look for the businesses are more likely to convert into ones who will buy from them. This lightens the burden of you, the sales departments.


With the guidance from services of online marketing professionals and quality tools at your disposal, businesses can save their time and yet get to grow their businesses much more than before. No longer do sales departments of businesses need to waste time and resources in filtering and qualifying leads that do not convert. With the online marketing tools that do the filtering for them, sales departments can now get to do what they are meant to do, that is to convert these leads who are already eager customers for their business products and services thereby providing a successful lead generation strategy

Lead Generation Services provided by us:

Consulting services around which paid search marketing tactics are best suited to meet the your needs

Paid search strategy could include: competitive analysis, keyword research, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, directory submissions, classified listings and portal banners

Consulting services on how implementing paid search marketing is critical to the success of marketing campaign to increase organic rankings

Reverse Proxy solutions to provide qualified leads of organisations that have looked at your website and not established contact


Organic search marketing could include: keyword research, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media optimisation (SMO)

Construction of targeted landing pages, designed to convert singular product/services
Content Marketing plan such as blogs to ensure that the right content is drafted that is not only compelling but also framed around the keywords researched to help you generate leads

Customer Testimonial helps to trigger a buying impulse

E-mail marketing For business owners looking for an inexpensive yet powerful way to reach and interact with your customers, look no further than our email marketing program -in the form of newsletters, “blasts” or similar — to reach out to your customers via the one thing everyone has: an email account

Providing analytics reports illustrating search ranking improvements, traffic increase and click through rates to help support your Lead Generation strategy

Lead Generation Strategy for Business

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