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Mobile Marketing — Join the Revolution in Content Consumption

Mobile Marketing today- We are particularly excited with the emerging discipline of mobile marketing and the ways it can help your business. There’s no question that computing, communication, and media consumption are going increasingly “mobile,” whether that means smartphones or tablet computers like Apple’s iPad. And we are ready to help you explore the lucrative possibilities of this brave new world.

Content consumption by web users is evolving over the time and right now, more and more people are accessing the web via their mobile devices, more than desktops. Content from the web is being read, retrieved through the new mobile channel, which is on the rise especially when the smartphones and tablets are flooding the market these days. More than 50% of the phones sold are smartphones. More than 50% of searches are taking place over the mobile devices.

With the emerging new trend of going mobile, we are excited to help you to take your business marketing strategies ‘mobile’ as well. While it is still new but many are seeing the opportunities that are available and ever increasing in this new genre of marketing.

Mobile marketing tailors the content to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile marketing efforts are often extremely convertible, targeted, ever increasingly lucrative for companies keen on reaching new customers and being on the frontier of the mobile revolution.

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Get Your Business Moving with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is in its infancy, and the possibilities are limitless in regards to this new marketing channel. We have already found success mixing in mobile marketing strategies with our other digital marketing techniques; as is often the case, a varied and comprehensive approach is the best way to reach the most amount of customers and maximize your marketing budget.

Many people are able to do more with their mobile phones than before. Together with more tablets entering the market, many people are more likely to be carrying around these two items than the computers. Once a rare and challenging task to try and retrieve information, it is now a common sight wherever we are and ever increasing ease with which information can be accessed on the go. People are using their iPads and smartphones to book hotel rooms and flights, carry out video conferencing, reading e-books, web surfing, right down to simple tasks such as writing emails and typing up documents. With these smaller devices, they can easily surf the web with an internet connection

The change in user behaviour of searching information has also affected the way content is presented on the web. Mobile versions of websites are already being created by businesses so that they can cater to these mobile web surfers. More and more applications for the mobile phones are being created so that mobile users can directly use the services with ease on their phones.


With our help , you can take advantage of the mobile channel and market your business to these mobile users as well. With years of experience, we can help you put together a mixture of proven marketing strategies including mobile marketing strategies to achieve better rate of success  with your marketing efforts. This is not merely a move to follow the trends of technology, but another way to help you maximise your marketing budget for a better return for your business. It is additional, a new and ever increasing channel for marketing i.e. mobile marketing


Mobile marketing by simple terms means marketing and advertising to mobile users. Now is the best time with mobile marketing as more people are adopting the use of mobile devices to perform activities that were once only best done on computers and laptops. The evolution of mobile devices has a great impact on how people are searching for information as well as conducting their transactions. This also means good news to businesses as they can directly target  their customers with less competition and with a more focused, personalised offering for their potential customers.

Google’s latest algorithm Hummingbird a testimony to the fact that mobile marketing is here to stay and to maximise their reach and a provide a meaningful experience Google has launched the new algorithm. Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm and the arrival of KitKat are forcing brands to explore new marketing strategies. Focus on meaningful content and mobile engagement with content translates into a need for longer-term SEO and content marketing commitments. With the advent of mobile marketing possibilities are limitless. Voice search is key to mobile searches and hence the new algorithm has taken this into account. If you search for flowers or dinner tonight Google will provide a list of florists and Restaurants in the vicinity, such is the power of Hummingbird algorithm. What has changed is the way the content will be searched and the way it will be consumed. Latest statistics show that more than 25% of all searches are done from the mobile across all search engines. We will account for the trends in mobile organic search behaviour and help measure discoverability and engagement of content on a desktop versus a mobile device. We will additionally help you track mobile segments in Google Analytics to understand the actions your visitors are taking from their mobile device and their engagement with your content and your brand and how it differs from that of a desktop


We are always on top of our game in the digital marketing arena. With our years of experience, in helping many businesses succeed in their marketing campaigns, we can help you take your business to new heights by exploring the mobile marketing strategies in different ways including SMS Messaging, MMS mobile marketing, mobile advertising and also mobile website design.

Here are some of the mobile marketing techniques we can help you explore:

SMS (Text) Messaging:

Text messaging is easily consumed, highly convertible, and it represents a direct link to your customers.

MMS (Multi-media) Mobile Marketing:

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful, and this means not just text messages but multimedia messages are possible.

Mobile Advertising:

Smaller screens and more limited computer resources mean you need to tailor ad content specifically to the mobile marketplace.

Mobile Website Design:

Don’t get caught with a website that functions great with a traditional PC or Mac, but becomes clunky and hard (or impossible) to navigate with a mobile device. We can help develop a mobile-friendly version of your web presence.

Don’t neglect this important and emerging part of cyberspace. We have years of experience in the realm of digital marketing, and we can work with you to take your mobile marketing to the next level.


As technology and the web will keep evolving, so will digital marketing. Without adopting the new way of digital marketing methods, your will face the risk of losing customers and market share. Customers will always be moving together with the technology shift and when you take advantage of the change and evolve your marketing techniques, you can be assured that your business will have a strong and lasting presence on the web.


So, if you are ready to embrace mobile marketing as a way to reach out to more people, you can always contact us and discuss with us on the best way we can help you take your business mobile.



 Mobile Marketing For Greater Market

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile marketing services.

Mobile Marketing

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