Competitive Analysis to Gain Advantage

Competitive Analysis

How We Conduct Your Competitive Analysis

We offer new customers a competitive analysis report that will give you in-depth insights as to what internet marketing activities your competitors are utilising. When you order your Competitive Analysis report, we essentially compare and analyse your online activities across the web properties of your top five competitors. We will then provide you with a detailed report that gives you accurate, understandable information about what your competitors are doing online.

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What the report will tell you:

Search engine optimisation strategies: Our Competitor Analysis report identifies the search engine optimisation strategies your competitors are using.

Search advertising strategies: Know what your competitors are doing in terms of search advertising, keywords and ads.

What they are spending: Estimate your competitors’ monthly online marketing budget.
Use it to your advantage: Develop your internet marketing plan to increase your return on investment (ROI).
We will also research the keywords they are utilising and ones that are effective for them
By ordering your Competitive Analysis report, you will gain valuable information on what you should be doing to succeed in the internet marketing landscape. Our competitive analysis report will help you formalise your online plan and provide you with an accurate budget to compete effectively and with purpose.What the report looks like:Included in your Competitive Analysis is a competitor positioning chart. This is a comprehensive overview of you and your competitors’ online
visibility and social media presence. Our plan reveals the opportunities you should take advantage
of. We provide a complete competitive analysis dashboard including PPC keywords, daily ad spend,
number of web pages, organic keyword phrases in Google’s top 20 search results, number of links
and most importantly, strategy. 

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Our Competitive Analysis is the best way to determine your online budget that will help you compete effectively. This in-depth analysis will guide your internet marketing plan and help set measurable goals. Regular tracking of your competitors ensures that you are aware when they make any major online moves. Order your Competitive Analysis to start competing in the online sphere of internet marketing!

Our confidence in our internet marketing products and services is so strong that we take on the risk of a guarantee. Your guarantee works to:

  • Reduce your risk
  • Foster a spirit of partnership
  • Ensure you are happy with our output

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