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Search Engine Optimisation — Cut Through the Clutter and Be Found

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, often refers to the technique and practice of improving your website visibility, on search engines. Usually, an optimised website, will be more visible, when someone searches in the search engine, by typing in keywords or search terms that relate to your website or services. The website pages thus optimised, will be very likely to rank higher on search engines, such as showing up on the front page results. This will enable you to generate more traffic and thus more revenue, for your business, making your website work for you to deliver results. We simplify this process for you and are ever anxious to assist you in your Search Engine Optimisation plans.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to practice that enables your website to be found in “organic” web searches — that is, unpaid searches based upon the algorithm used by search engines.

Many website owners optimise their website, to make it appear and rank high on keywords and phrases that describes their services. When they rank high on a certain keyword or phrase, they will have a better chance of being found by people, who are looking for the phrase, on the search engine. For example, if your website is about ‘jewellery cleaning’ and your website shows up on the first page, for the keyword ‘jewellery cleaning’. People who are searching for that phrase will very likely see and visit your website, because your website is appearing on the Google result for that term, which is what they are searching for online.

An optimised and highly ranked website will render, when anyone who is looking for the search term, that describes the service. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing are trying to match internet users to results that match closely to what they are searching for. They crawl the websites and index them thereby storing them in the database.

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Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Success Begins with Us

Search engine optimisation is beneficial for businesses who are establishing their presence online. When their website is optimised and is ranking for the phrases and keywords that relates to their business, it makes it easier for their potential customers to find them. The easier a business website is found, the higher the chances are for them to generate leads and sales as they are already getting people who fit their ideal customer profile to visit their website.

Search Engine Optimisation may not be easy and is a very tedious work with the ever changing updates from the search engines. As much as business owners want their websites to be optimised, it can be a problem for them to take care of the SEO work of their website and hence it is best left to the professionals who are equipped and knowledgeable about the process. It is not a one time exercise but requires an ongoing effort and commitment. We have been one of the pioneers in internet marketing helping many of our clients leverage the internet to grow their business. We use proven and affordable strategies, that have been showing positive results for many of our clients businesses. This not only resulted in growth of their business, with our service, but we have helped them ease their workload, by managing their internet marketing efforts, including search engine optimisation. When businesses let us help them manage their internet marketing efforts, they can focus on their core competence of running their businesses. We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy in conjunction with your website designso that new customers in need of your products and services can find you on all the major search engines.

Here’s a brief window into the process of Search Engine Optimisation:

There are many aspects in search engine optimisation which cover areas such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, offsite optimisation, link building, site structure and many more. As, it is our expertise, the internet marketing arena including search engine optimisation, businesses can let us do the work for them in this area and quickly get to the top of their game in their internet marketing strategies and campaigns instead of wasting time and resources to start learning these from scratch. With many years of experience, we provide the best search engine optimisation service for our customers, to help them get their business websites to be found easily online and to increase their revenue. We will also ensure that you are fully leveraging Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your business to help drive more revenue.

3-Step SEO Plan

Step 1: Dominate your particular industry sector

  • Identify your target audience
  • Set your website goals/ objectives
  • Understand what persuades your audience
  • Scout your competition

Step 2: Get your website ranked as high as possible

  • Ensure your site structure is search engine friendly
  • Identify the keyword phrases your audience use
  • Identify off-site activities that will get you links

Step 3: Track, Monitor, Adjust

  • Track your keyword rankings
  • Analyse your website’s visitor activity
  • Monthly reports detailing website performance
  • Provide recommendations for improvements

Market-researched keywords

We would research keyword phrases that relate to your business including long tailed keywords for better conversion? We will identify which keyword phrases represent the most searched phrases, your potential customers are actually typing into the search bar. We’ll work together with you, to make sure, we know exactly what keywords have the highest number of searches, along with the ones that have the least amount of competition. We will use a permutation and combination of these keywords which are likely to bring you the most amount of success.

Website design

A clean, well-structured website which is easy to navigate, is crawled by the spiders, and thereby indexable (i.e. easy for search engines to analyse) is mandatory to modern Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practice. This component works in tandem with our in-house web design services, that incorporate persuasion architecture making your website design more likely to convert. We will ensure a content plan, is in place to provide a freshness index to your website and essentially all the content that is created is optimised from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective.

Website content

We will implement the entire on-page search engine optimisation, we’ll incorporate relevant key phrases in just the right places and in just the right amounts, without stuffing the keywords, to maximise your site’s Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).

Local search

Local customers are always the key to your business, we ensure that your website is geographically search engine optimised for keywords and local search optimisation is effected. We, because of decades of experience, global reach, local presence, ensure for your business, the success it deserves and help make local searches work for you.

Search engine optimisation is the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Our proven methodologies, ensure that can get you found on the internet, resulting in marketing success for your business.

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