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Video Content Increase Exposure

Video Content

Enhance your Web Presence and Search Engine Rankings with Video Content

Video content marketing is the best way, especially if you have already been trying out internet marketing for your business, you will realise that there are many ways and channels that you can market and advertise your business on. Here, we will focus on video content, which is the latest type of web content that has been gaining lots of attention from internet users. 

Video Content is the best way to promote your website or company in an efficient, effective way. Video content enhances your exposure, delivers pertinent  information about you and your company; If Video’s are optimised properly the video content can lead visitors to your site and boost your SEO rankings. Quality videos optimised by us your SEO or Search Engine Optimisation company, can greatly enhance your brand awareness.

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Video content is dominate the search engines and is the most effective element in your content strategy for improving company branding and resulting in greater revenue & sales.

Interesting statistics:

YouTube serves 1 billion videos per day

The average person watches 182 online videos per month

Viewers are 28% more attentive to online video ads than TV ads.

Currently, 50% of US marketers are using online video

Our Video Production and Marketing is available in 72 Languages

If you do a search on Google for a product you will no doubt come across with a slew of videos on a particular product. Google has also now introduced Google search plus your world which includes all images, Video content, photo’s, post’s from you and your friends. In fact, it is even easier to find a video review than an article review of a product. Beside video dominating the web, it is also a preference by web users as it is much easier to watch a video on a good review than to read lengthy review articles. Simply put, video contents are much more appealing. It will also appeal to the visual type learning groups. It retains your attention for longer and is a more compelling form of content.

 Video content is easy to create and there are thousands of video content getting uploaded everyday from all over the world. This type of content is much cheaper and faster to create. It is not essential that it should be studio quality as long as you are happy for it to be associated with your brand. With that, businesses are able to create more quantity of videos than articles in a same time frame.

With videos you can easily make your company stand out in the overcrowded place like the world wide web. As mentioned, video content can help improve your website presence on the search engines. Unlike article content which is hard to get shared, video content is just easier to get shared and can greatly increases your business online presence.

Secondly, video content is an advantage over your competitors. As many people are lazy to create video content, you can take advantage of it by becoming the pioneer or the first few in your niche to quickly build up a solid profile for your business. You can also use Video Blogs to drive more traffic and better conversion for your website. In another way, this is a fast track for you to become an authority in your niche through video content.

Finally, videos can reach a wider audience especially mobile users. Unlike text, videos plays well in many mobile devices today that already have the capability to show short clips of videos pretty easily. So, compared to an article of 1000 words and a video, mobile users will opt for the video over the article anytime due to its convenience. Besides it is less painful to watch a 5 minutes video than squinting your eyes out to read the small texts displayed on the already small screen of your phone. 

A strong idea, executed well, will rise above the online video multitudes and reach out to create brand awareness.

Video content is the most effective way to market your services through how to series etc. There are various ways video content can be leveraged. It is also very effective for customer testimonials. Video content is visually appealing and grabs the attention of the customers. Video content is the most inexpensive way to market your services on free channels such as YouTube

Our video marketing services can get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video.


Broadcast Your Brand Marketing Messages with SEO-Friendly Video content

Video marketing makes your business and your website stand out by:

• Optimising your website for search engines

• Engaging with social media

• Increasing brand awareness

• Gaining leads

• Increasing online visibility

• Increasing visitors and conversions

Good website designsocial mediapaid searchSEO, mobile marketing and  blogging are all critical to the success of your business’ advertising efforts, but the biggest shift in online marketing today is in online video marketing. You can dominate Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly with video marketing. Online video is a highly effective way of advertising your products and services to a wider target market.

Arm Your Business – Add Online Video content  to Your Marketing Arsenal!

Ensure your video stands out leveraging your web presence to achieve your objective :

• Think beyond stand-alone video content. For greater reach and exposure, create a campaign, a sequence of videos on a given topic that are published on an ongoing basis. Not only will this enhance your brand credibility and establish you as an authority as the continuous video content establishes consumer interest it will also build your brand identity.

• Call to Action. Engage your viewers prompt them to initiate some type of action at the end. Maybe they can subscribe to your newsletter, go to your e-commerce page, post a comment or visit your blog. If your video is good, and you have the full attention of the viewers, take advantage of it!

• Inform and educate. There is nothing wrong with making a sales pitch for your products or services, but video is better used to define a problem, discuss solutions and support others. Market the content, not the product.

• Include video on the e-commerce area of your website. People prefer to watch a video about a product and this can dramatically increase conversion rates.

We are a leading website design and SEO company . We can visualise your video content, let people see what you are promoting and help your business make a bigger impact with online video marketing. We provide video content marketing services to help you take advantage of this powerful channel to grow your business online. If you are interested to explore marketing opportunities via video content, feel free to contact us  to help you.

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