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Website Design Create a Web

Presence, Not Just a Website

Website Design today, it is more essential than ever to have a functional, intuitive, attractive web presence that speaks about your products and your mission, not just a merely an attractive website design . Your website is your most prized online asset that can be leveraged to work for you. It represents your companies brand identity.From small businesses catering to local customers to large corporations participating in the global marketplace, your website design is often the first opportunity to make an impression on your customers. When your prospects interact with your online presence they are in fact interacting with your brand presence. The website should reflect the tone of voice that reflects your brand. And that’s true and applicable to every industry that you may belong to.

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Our website design consultants, are certified Internet marketing consultants, that have what it takes to guide you, step-by-step, through the often dizzying array of design choices available to you. We’ll work together  on your website design to create a custom website that will provide the services and information your customers are looking for. For your website design we’ll cut through the tech lingo to discover exactly what you need and how to make it happen.

And that’s why the our approach goes beyond just the website design. Whether it’s shopping cart technology, interactive news, forums, a comprehensive package including social media, blogging or a keen focus on SEO to increase your relevancy in searches, we have the skills and experience you deserve. Put our knowledge to work for you, and inquire about one of our affordable website design services today.

Your website design is your company’s main web property online. It is where you house all of the information about your company, your products and services. It may not be the first point of contact for your consumers (they are likely hitting your targeted search advertising campaigns, landing pages and social media marketing profiles first), but it is definitely where your consumers end up validating your industry expertise and brand credibility. This means it is important that the web design for your company’s site is visually appealing, optimised for website conversion and contains many content-rich pages.

Your Website Design Should Make a Great First Impression

We all know how important first impressions are when it comes to person-to-person interactions. Similarly, your online interactions (specifically your website design) will also result in critical first impressions, on many occasions causing you to either win or lose a sale. The difference is that the time you have to make a great first impression online is quite short. Consumers will generally give your website 8 seconds, of their valuable time, to help them decide, if this is where they want to continue learning about the product or service they are looking for. This means your website design not only needs to be visually appealing, but it needs to be informative enough to help them determine in those short 8 seconds that your website is providing them the details they were searching for. A visually impactful website design can directly affect your website conversions and might be the determining factor of converting a mere visitor into a lead, and a lead into a customer.

We have all heard time and again, consumers will often judge a book by its cover and you cannot risk losing potential customers because your site’s website design fails to attract and tell them what they need to know quickly. Content marketing and website design go hand-in-hand, so take the necessary steps to use your website design to attract visitors to your content.

What makes a good website design

Keep it clean, crisp, non cluttered, non-busy and with a well chosen compatible colour palette.

You can read our blog on what makes a good website design here.  Simple to understand and factors to keep in mind whilst designing a website

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