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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is essential for your site, your intellectual properties  i.e. website, landing pages or blog have their defined objectives. The objective of your website could be different, such as, you may utilise your website for information dissemination vehicle for your customers, to sell your services or products or even to build traffic, get referral traffic and leads generating revenue and perhaps to build your database. Irrespective of your marketing objective, these are assets that you have invested into and need a Return on Marketing Investment(ROMI). It is imperative that you measure your website, landing pages, blog etc. statistics and look at the complete web analytics to ensure that your assets are working efficiently for your business and providing the maximum return on investment.

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You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure- Use Web Analytics

To guarantee Return on Marketing Investment, it is essential that you have web analytics installed on your website. Web analytics enables you to measure your effectiveness of your efforts and your internet marketing assets and how your website is delivering against your objectives. More specifically, the key information can be uncovered like your overall visitor statistics, visitor behaviour, your most visited pages, your top keywords, your visitor segmentation data or your pay-per-click and email marketing campaign ROI. These key performance figures that are derived from your web analytics tool will help determine if the website is meeting your desired objective.

It is important to not only drive traffic but apply all the website conversion strategies to ensure your website is converting those visitors. Having applied the website conversion architecture you should proceed to apply the web analytics to ensure your website is converting and if not understand where is it falling short. When you have apply all the strategies mentioned, you can also apply tracking to your website to get an idea how your website is performing and how are your visitors are reacting on the pages of your website. It is important to understand visitor behaviour. You can easily track your website by using applications such as Google Analytics and you can retrieve a lot of information about your website performance from there. Conduct an analysis the statistics and discover areas you can improve and increase your website conversion. Some of the important metrics that you may want to pay attention to are the visitors ‘time on site’, bounce rate and keywords, just to name a few. When a visitor is stays on your website for long period of time, there is a high chance that the person has found pertinent information that they need on your website. This can mean that your website had caught their attention. When a website has high bounce rate, it means that many people are leaving your website after they viewed one page instead of visiting the other pages of your website. This can mean that the page is not relevant to them or they found nothing useful from those pages which then leads to loss of interest thus them leaving your website.  


Capturing a visitors interest is important as it mean they found what they were looking for. The content should be relevant to their search and it should be compelling.  You may want to use the call-to-action to catch their attention on the page they are visiting. Call-to-action are usually short, punchy and effective sentences that tells the visitor what to do. Content Marketing is important today to retain customers and convert them to the desired call to action, it drives traffic and also helps your search rankings. It can also be leveraged for drip marketing.  Apart from right keywords, you can also use different media to increase your conversion rate. Videos are one such form of a media source that many people enjoy and it converts well. You can include videos that includes useful information that your visitors would like and enjoy. Trying out different variety of media like video content, podcasts can dramatically increase your website conversion rate.

We understand that you need to utilise web analytics to leverage your web properties. Are you able to comprehend the complex data your web analytics tool is providing? The potential of all this complex data  and statistics is immense, but sometimes it also becomes all to complicated and too overwhelming to decipher. This overwhelming feeling is very common, not having used data in this form before, or generally if you are not analytical in nature probably more right brained and creative then it is likely that you are overwhelmed. We can help simplify this process for you, structure the data and make sense of it.

Every marketing campaign should be measured, tracked and tweaked in order to make it successful. After planning and implementing, tracking tools are utilised to calculate the ROMI of a particular campaign. We provide an up to date monthly report and suggest changes where required to improve your Website Performance.

Web Analytics Helps You Understand

  • Which keywords are attracting your most desirable business prospects
  • What advertising copy pulled the most responses
  • Which browsers are being used by your customers
  • Which Geographic locations are they visiting from
  • What means of access are they using e.g. smart phones, tablets, ipads, desktop, laptop
  • Which landing pages and content make the most money for you
  • How visitors found your website
  • Which pages and links are most popular
  • Whether or not your campaign is directing traffic to the correct pages
  • Visitor segmentation to identify the sources that generate first time and returning visitors

Web Analytics for Site Measure

Over Analysis Can Be Just as Harmful as No Analysis

The process of over analysing can be just as harmful as not analysing the data at all. This is why your web analytic data should be handled by professionals from our company. We will meet on a periodic basis to discuss your web analytic metrics and ensure that that the statistics is simplified and presented in a manner that not only makes sense, but also dramatically improves the business’ internet marketing plan .

With us, you will gain relevant web analytics through custom tailored reports specific to the audience you and relevant to your internet marketing objectives

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