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Web Design — The Core of Your Online Presence


Web Design, did you know, can tell a lot about your business? It is not enough to have a website but also a good web design is the core of your online presence. A good web design gives a good impression about the business. Sad but true, potential customers will judge your site’s web design, most of the time, before they choose you over your competitor. We are a group of professionals who are well-versed with internet marketing business and from our years of experience, we have helped many of our customers, build a strong online presence.

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Clean, Functional, Effective Web Design with us

Here are some of the key aspects of a successful web design:

Today, many potential customers will most likely to judge a business from its outlook. Not only in the design aspect, but also in the functional aspect of a business, web design is important. Clunky and confusing web design, makes it difficult for your customers, to navigate around to look for what they want. Any customer would want a web design, that is easy to use and can quickly get them what they want, without going through many hoops. Good examples are, easy to use search functions, visible navigation links and straightforward payment systems. If a customer finds that your web design is too complicated to use, they are very likely to leave your website without purchasing anything.

Next, a good web design will incorporate the persona of the target market and match the customer purchasing journey with your sale process. Different people follow a different process to evaluate products and services and a good web design will simplify this process for them and take them on different paths towards the same end goal.

We at WSI, when we design websites, we ensure that we start with the keyword research and create a content blue print for the website. We then would look at the site navigation and persuasion architecture.

Next, a good web design will have a neat and thoughtful structure that keeps their web visitors in mind. A neatly structured website can help your web visitors, to know where they are at in your website. To make your web design easy to navigate, you can include a sitemap in your website, so that anyone who wants to get to some other pages, can refer to it. Good web structure can help increase conversion rate of your web design.

As stated, your web design plays an important role that can affect the success of your website and your business. Visitors to your website would prefer a clean and nice design that is easy on their eyes, good readable fonts, good content structure and also overall theme colour of your web design. A beautiful web design can give a good impression for your business and people will find it easier to remember your brand.

Good design, such as a pretty interface will be utterly useless on its own, when nobody knows about your web. You should also apply search engine optimisation techniques to your website to ensure that search engines recognise and start sending organic traffic to your website. A well-optimised web design, can rank high on search engine results, making your website easily visible to people, who are searching for phrases, that relate to your website services online. By utilising search engine optimisation techniques, you can ensure you are attracting targeted traffic to your website, which will then increase your web conversion rate.

Search engines like Google, like websites with regular updates. Anyone who is searching on the internet would want new information, rather than outdated website with stale content. Keeping your website updated is pretty easy and you can do so by adding a blog section to your website, where you post regularly on your website’s blog, as a way to let search engines know that there are regular updates and new content updates on your web. Ecommerce websites need not worry about keeping their websites updated as they are already doing so whenever they update their web catalogue for new products.

These are just some of the practices for good web design. Though it may sound simple, there is actually a lot more work, behind a good web design. If you want to build a good business presence online and need to improve on the web design aspect of your website, we at WSI can help you in designing and implementing quality and effective web design for your website. This is the key distinction between us at WSI creating a good looking, functional, optimised and converting website than just any other website designer, that focuses on the visual appeal alone. There are ample creative people out there, who create clunky websites that do not work for lack of the above reasons.

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Web Design Services For Business

We know how important your website is to your business.  Contact us today to learn more about our web design services.

Web Design

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