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Website Conversion Optimisation


Website Conversion-Ensure Your Site is Optimised  

Website Conversion is just as important as driving more traffic to your website, page one on Google does not necessarily translate to success. You may drive impressions and perhaps some traffic but it is imperative that you devise strategies to get them to stay on your website. That is defined as website conversion. Websites today, lack a targeted strategy to improve that crucial website conversion, that is essential to convert traffic into business revenues. Most people think this just happens, but the reality is that it does not. You need to understand the key components of website conversion to make this happen.


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Website Conversion is the most critical aspect of a website and more important than just driving more traffic to your site. Many websites heavily emphasise rankings and traffic but there is little mention and focus on website conversion. This is because many website owners thought that with traffic, website conversion will happen automatically, which is not the case. A website can rank high on search engine results, gain lots of traffic but is of no use when it is not optimised correctly to target the right type of traffic, the people visiting are not able to identify the solutions to their needs or there is a mismatch in their buying process and the sales process thus resulting in a poor  website conversion. A poor and low conversion rate signifies that a website is making mistakes that prevent them from making their visitors meet their primary objective of the visit. So, the company’s success depends on its website conversion rate.

The key is to understand what the impact of that action means to your business; this will ultimately determine what you need to be doing from a website conversion perspective and directly relate to your overall internet marketing success. Website conversion is imperative for a successful business.

A site can be optimised for website conversion with the use of different strategies. The strategies includes usage of right images, colours, targeting the right visitors, making contact details visible for potential clients, good content layout, the main proposition and also effective call-to-action. All the critical information bits need to be laid out appropriately as per past precedence to enable buyers to locate that information. Scientific studies and heat maps demonstrate this effective layout leads to improved website conversion.


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Here are some of the key strategies to ensuring your site is optimised for website conversion


Effective Use of images assists in retaining the attention of the visitors improving your website conversion rates reducing bounce rate

Impact of Colour on behaviour. Chose the colour palette effectively to reflect the mood, style, brand and it should reflect your product or service in the right light.

Studies have indicated that you must take into account your target market, demographics and typical characteristics of their buying patterns while working on your site’s overall layout. Create various personas that are part of your target market and consider the information that shall be seeking

Studies have also reflected that by adding a phone number in the top right hand corner of every page and possibly a contact form on every page your leads increase five fold.

Structuring the content in digestible sized chunks and using titles effectively will invite higher retention rate thereby improving website conversion!

A written call-to-action improves the  visitor retention rate substantially thereby website conversion

Website conversion is the key to your success and justifies the marketing spend on your website.


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