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Paid Search Methods and objectives

There are two types of Paid Search methods each serving its own objectives namely Banner Ads and PPC or Pay Per Click


Paid Search Methods-How do banner ads work in paid search and what’s their purpose?

Banner ads are first and foremost image ads in paid search methods. Let’s say that you visit a Yoga website. The website owner of the website that you are visiting displays a banner ad that promotes a Yoga course. It could promote its own product or be paid by an advertiser who created the ad. The advertiser can pay, based on the number of impressions its ad gets or based on the number of times the ad is being clicked as in the case of pay per click. When a visitor clicks a banner ad, the visitor is being redirected to the advertiser’s website from where the visitor can buy a relevant product or a service.

The purpose of banner ads can be to promote products and services in order to make money, to promote a cause, to increase the brand awareness . Banner ads are very useful when you want to create brand awareness and credibility.

Paid Search Methods-Types of banner ads used in paid search

Banner ads for paid search methods can be divided by different criteria. Most of the time, they are differentiated by size and the degree of animation that they employ.

Banner ads can be divided by how interactive they are in 3 categories: static, animated and flash. Static ads are static images that usually contain text. They are the cheapest to create and can perform quite well. Animated ads feature a degree of animation whose purpose is to attract the attention of the visitors.

Flash banner ads are built in flash and the visitors can actually click different portions of the ad and interact with them. The flash banner ads are the most interactive and they have the potential of generating the most money. The downside of flash banner ads is that they can crash older computers because they consume a higher amount of resources.

Banners can also be divided based on their size and position. Full banner ads cover almost if not all the width of the screen. They are big, bold and visitors usually notice them.

Micro bar ads are cheap and they are usually displayed below the fold. This means that the visitor has to scroll down the page to get to them.

Square button ads are small, usually square, and for best results they have to be put in an area of the page with few other ads.

Vertical banner ads are usually big and they are easily noticed by the visitors. Most of the time, they appear above the fold and the visitors can see them almost instantly. Skyscraper and wide skyscraper ads are the big cousins of the vertical banner ads. They are bigger and cover vertically a bigger portion of the page.

Paid Search Methods-What is PPC in Paid Search?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a way to charge money for advertising. Let’s say that you have a website and you let an advertiser put a ad on it. The deal between you and the advertiser is that the advertiser will pay you, any time one of your website visitors clicks on its ad. This is why it’s called PPC or Pay Per Click because the advertiser pays any time a visitor clicks on its ad.

There are also other ways to pay for advertising. The most common is to pay for the number of ad impressions which refer to how many times an ad is being shown on a website.

Paid Search Methods-How does PPC work in Paid Search?

On popular websites and search engines, there are many people who want to advertise on the same page. Because there are so many people who want to do the same thing, there’s a bidding contest that automatically happens. The bidding is done by an algorithm. The higher bidder gets the most impressions. The purpose of the algorithm is to increase the amount of money the website owner or Google, in the case of Google Adsense and Google Adwords, get.

Benefits of PPC in Paid Search.

You decide how much money you are going to paid.

Most PPC platforms let you set a daily budget. In this way, you are going to pay only based on the budget you have. If the budget level is reached, the ads will stop showing up.

It works for all businesses.

Any business regardless of its size can compete along with major players. They might have the advantage of being able to outbid you but that’s about what they can do.

Real time statistics of PPC in Paid Search.

You will get real time data regarding your PPC campaigns. This will help you make decisions fast. Additionally, you will be able to improve your decision making abilities faster than ever because of the constant feedback.

Global reach of PPC in Paid Search.

You can reach potential customers from all around the world. This is mostly the case because the Internet knows no borders and it’s almost as fast to visit websites that are located across the world. PPC in a Paid Search methods is appropriate for tapping new markets.

Paid Search Methods of Marketing

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Two types of Paid Search methods exist each serving its own objective namely Banner Ads and PPC or Pay Per Click,leverage these for brand awareness or leads