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SEO Hertfordshire feel sometimes it might be better to recheck what you know than to search unsuccessfully for new answers to old problems. So, here are a few tips to help your optimisation planning.


Tips of SEO Hertfordshire for Optimisation


SEO in Hertfordshire reminds you to optimise for multi-channel. Be consistent with your keywords and phrases throughout these popular platforms to boost your branding across the board. You may see users choosing your optimising phrases on different platforms so keep the keywords identical within these fields;

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Offline advertising


SEO Hertfordshire Ask what is Your Business Model?


It should be any easy question, and SEO in Hertfordshire wants to ask you the following questions. Hopefully this should be pretty straight forward.

  • What are your main goals?
  • What defines your conversions?
  • Are you selling a product or advertising?
  • Can you quote your assets or liabilities?

SEO services in Hertfordshire can help with Domain Names

SEO Hertfordshire recommends you to stay consistent with your domain names. This is vitally important for your foundation so keep this best practice and use sub-directory root domains with the forward slash, as opposed to sub-domains.

In order to use consistent domains, try and test your domain by typing in your site without www and see if you get directed correctly; if not, then there could be two sites being picked up by the searches.
Older is wiser when it comes to domains as new names are never as effective. Just make sure if you buy an old domain name it is problem free.
Keep keywords in your URL to aid your domain ranking by self-promotion


Video as alternative Optimisation as per SEO Hertfordshire


It is not just about desktop users, so you need to reach out to mobile viewers as well. SEO company in Hertfordshire advises you to target mobile and tablet users with optimisation.

Create media content that is video rich and will also benefit from favourable searches when it comes to first page rankings.
Ensure your non text content can be seen by search engines so flash or PDFs can get the recognition they deserve. And lastly, if you have any remaining Meta descriptions or title tags, make sure they are still unique and speak to the specific pages originally intended for.




SEO Hertfordshire would be first to tell you that it sometimes pays to think slightly alternatively to keep up to speed. So, try all the above and as SEO Hertfordshire think you should find improvement.


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SEO Hertfordshire feel sometimes it might be better to recheck what you know than to search unsuccessfully for new answers to old problems.