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Image SEO

An SEO agency London approach for the non-written content on your website will pay you rich dividends. You have to help Google a bit so that it can index your images. Search engines still cannot read images; they have to depend upon ancillary information so that they return accurate results for search terms.

SEO Agency London steps to get images indexed

SEO Agency in London steps that will help you get your images indexed are simplicity personified and once you know what to do, you will be able to execute these steps in around two minutes for every post or article that you upload onto your site.

The most basic SEO agency requirement is that the image should be relevant to the other content on your post; it should gel with the topic of your article and help readers get a better idea of what you’re talking about. Keep in mind that images take space, and space on a web page is like premium real estate, you have to try hard to make the best use of it. Or you may want to add text or even place an ad over there.

Google supports a wide variety of image formats; it should not be difficult to place an image in any of the following image formats – BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG. It is easy to convert images from one format into another; you can do it with any image editor. Didn’t we say that SEO agency London steps are easy to execute?

Naming the images correctly is a rational SEO agency step. Use keywords relevant to the content. The image title gives you a chance to make judicious use of keywords. Add a sensible and descriptive title. But remember, it is only a title. Don’t make it longer than a simple phrase.

Here are two cool SEO agency in London pointers to keep in mind –

  • Dashes serve as word separators
  • Underscores serve to combine words

Alt text or alternative text informs both viewers and search engines about the image. Viewers unable to see the image can move the cursor on to the image and the alt text appears to inform them. The same text is made use of by the search engines to match your images with queries to serve relevant results. Alt text should be pity and descriptive. Explain the content of the image in a few words. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with keywords; this is harmful SEO strategy. Keyword stuffing went out of fashion a long time ago.

Remember to submit an image sitemap. Yes, there is a sitemap for images too! How neat is that? You can add image tags to your existing sitemap or create a new sitemap and add it to Google.

To round off the SEO agency London steps that you are supposed to take getting images indexed, do some social bookmarking. If an image goes viral, it can get you a lot of traffic and backlinks as well.

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An SEO agency approach for the non-written content on your website will pay you rich dividends. You have to help Google a bit so that it can index your images.