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Here are some valuable and practicable SEO agengy Watford tips meant for ecommerce companies. These SEO agency Watford ideas, when implemented, will help your online business to maximize ROI and profits.


Regardless of whether you have an existing business, a new one or a very niche ecommerce operation, your business will benefit with the implementation of these tested SEO agency Watford tips. Small ecommerce owners, in particular, should try to take advantage of all the optimization opportunities they come across – optimization in ad spend, marketing, and of course, for the search engines.


Items go out of stock. That’s a fact of ecommerce. And without the right SEO agency Watford approach, you may end up hurting your site’s SEO. The right thing to do is to present visitors with related products. Do not tinker with the SEO of the page, but guide visitors to similar products on your site. You can also add information about expected time of arrival of the original product and offer to email customers about it. Not a bad SEO agency Watford idea to build your email list. If you know for sure that the product will be available, then go ahead and accept orders for it.


If you run an auction site or you know by when the stocks will run out, you have the option of adding a piece of code that will make the page unavailable on Google search results after a given date. This is recommended practice for larger ecommerce stores. Once the product is back, the page can go live again.


Another similar issue is when a product is discontinued, it’s gone for good. What do you do then? You don’t let the page idle or delete it. That would simply be a waste of all the SEO goodwill that it has generated during its existence. Instead, you follow the time-tested SEO agency Watford technique of using a permanent 301 redirect from the expired pages to the new ones. This redirect tells Google that the SEO value of one page should be redirected to another. This is a powerful SEO agency Watford technique that you will often have to bring into use.


SEO for new additions to the ecommerce site follows a set SEO agency Watford plan. The most important keyword for a product should be used in the URL of the page. But keep in mind, that search engines truncate URLs to below 75 characters.


There’s no getting around content. Your product pages will need unique content. Consider that a basic SEO agency Watford agency for getting search engines to understand what the page is about. The smart way to go about it is to strengthen the SEO of the parent category pages. Get visitors to come here, and then let them select the product they wish to check out. Encourage users to add content to your pages through the comments section. Reviews on your site will serve to distinguish your content on a product from that on other sites that are selling the same product. Basically, your site should be as free of duplicate content as possible.


Next, you need to consider size and color variations in a given product. If you’re going to have different pages for each variation then ensure that the copy mentions the differences, or you’ll have multiple pages of duplicate content. When using separate pages for individual products within a category, choose your long tail keyphrases intelligently. An alternative is to have a drop-down menu and let your customers select size, model, and color at the time of the purchase.


The page title should use the exact keyword phrase that you have selected. This SEO agency Watford idea makes it easy for the search engines to match your keywords with the search phrase. It may not be easy, with some keyphrases not very amenable to grammatically correct insertions in sentences. But you have to do your best. Keep the titles to around 55 characters. The meta description appears in the search engine results. Use the keywords in the meta descriptions. External and internal linking serves to boost SEO.Internal links are a very useful SEO agency Watford tool for aiding internal navigation.


Use guest posts to get one-way backlinks. This is a tried and tested SEO agency Watford formula for optimizing ecommerce pages for search engines.


Images are central for communicating with visitors that arrive on your ecommerce site pages. Pictures don’t only speak louder than words, but when optimized using SEO agency Watford tips, they can get your business a lot of organic traffic. Images should carry appropriate alt tags and should be named using keywords.


Ecommerce sites that use microdata to inform websites about the nature of the content on their pages report improved clickthrough rates.These results show up on the search result pages and allow searchers to decide from the search page itself. The level of detail that microdata brings to the search results makes it an essential SEO agency Watford optimization technique for both big and small online businesses.


Finally, if you want your ecommerce website to succeed, then you simply cannot ignore SEO agency Watford optimization ideas for mobiles and tablets. The site has to function across devices and browsers. We have now entered a phase in which mobile users are not just looking up ecommerce sites but completing transactions on their handhelds. What’s more, a huge percentage of the conversions happen within an hour of searching for a product online on a mobile device. If you’re starting out, then ensure that your website is mobile ready from the word go. A responsive design, crisper content with optimum use of images, and voice to text will help your website to be found not only on the search engines but also across forums and social media.

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