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SEO Best Practice Guide Do’s and Don’ts for SEO

SEO Best Practice Guide-Do’s & Don’ts for White hat SEO in an ethical way to build your website’s rankings.

Check for the following in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO:

Analysis & Research in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO:

Semantic Analysis – Computers don’t understand the language very well and tend to look for terms and phrases that are on the page to categorise them. Semantic analysis is used for on-page content analysis, links, duplicate content, spam and personalisation.

Keyword Analysis is important,but ensure that the content reads well and is written for human beings rather than the search engines. Research your keywords well and ensure that those words are used, that people will type in search engines to find your content.

Website Analysis –do a complete analysis of accessibility, content, marketing and technological aspects

Competitive Analysis – do a complete competitive analysis of keywords used on competitors websites, links, online presence, pages indexed and much more….

Basic Search Engine Optimisation in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO

Sitemap Creation & Optimisation– ensure you create and submit the sitemaps to search engines to ensure it is indexed

Navigation and File Structure – check navigational structure of the sites to ensure your site is crawl-able by spiders and it is also essential from usability perspective

HTML Validation Checking-check all html, CSS and XHTML files for W3C compliance

Browser Compatibility Checking – Font size and font style: some browsers overwrite these properties, Special characters, Controls alignment- bullets, radio buttons and check-boxes might not be correctly aligned, Information submitted to the database, HTML5 video format, Text alignment, Plug-ins developed by external sites.CMS compatibility

Page Size Checking-keep the page size to 150k else it is not likely to be cached and you will lose eye-balls when it takes longer to load.

Website Load Time Checking– you will lose eye-balls if it takes longer than 10 seconds, do check for all elements.

Broken Link Checking– ensure that there are none, it is bad for user experience too.

Spider Simulation– lot of content like flash will not be visible to search engines, simulate and check as the spider would

On Page Optimisation in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO

Content Fixing-if the content is simple and the language compelling will it attract visitors to the site

Image Optimisation-optimise them to ensure they load quickly, ensure ALT tags are in place, create separate image folders and stick to jpg’s

Search Engine Submission in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO

Manual Search Engine Submission– ensure you submit your site to search engines to enable it to be indexed

Link Popularity

Directories, Articles, Blogs, Forums, etc. and in some instances paid Directory inclusion maybe a good idea. Use  white papers, tech papers, product info, comparisons, case studies, pod-casts, video’s, webinars, multimedia, faq’s, general information, information about company and companies approach etc.

Other factors that you need to take into account for SEO in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO

On Page SEO ranking factors in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO:

Is the content well written and is substantial in content and quality?

Have you researched the keywords people use to find your services and products?

Does your content contain those keywords?

Is you content engaging and do customers remain on your page or do they bounce off?

Is your content fresh and frequently updated?

Do you HTML title tags contain your keywords?

Have you written compelling and concise meta description tags?

Do you H1 & H2 tags contain your keywords?

Do the Paragraphs start with the keyword?

Is the architecture friendly to enable the search engines to crawl the website?

What is the speed at which various pages load on your website?

Are you URL’s short and contain the keywords?

Are you URL’s human friendly?

OFF page SEO factors in SEO Best Practice Guide for White Hat SEO:

Quality of links to your website from quality sites i.e. .edu & .org

Do the links contain the keywords?

Quantity of quality links?

Do you share content on social networks?

Do people with klout share your content?

Do links and shares makes your site trusted?

How old is the site?

Is your site visited and liked?

Penalisation for Black Hat SEO in SEO Best Practice Guide:

Is your site thin and lacking in content?

Are you stuffing keywords?

Do you have hidden words?

Are you cloaking some content?

Have you purchased links?

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SEO Best Practice Guide Do's and Don'ts for SEO to get high search results,white hat SEO-is an ethical way to build your website’s rankings.