SEO-Frequently Asked Questions


SEO- Frequently Asked Questions


SEO-Frequently asked questions on SEO Video


 1. SEO FAQ’s or SEO-Frequently Asked Questions What is SEO to start with?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, is defined as an activity employed to get the website ranked in  the search engine’s and attempting to improve the search results or SERP’s. The more frequently it appears in results, the higher the number of visitors it receives for search engine’s users.


2How do Search engines recognise my site?

The search engines crawl to the website and index them into their databases thus marking them as having one or more keywords in their content. When a query is put into the search box, the engine searches for the keywords in its database corresponding to the query. Thus more the number of keywords, more it is shown in the search results. However you should not stuff keywords


3. What is Organic/natural SEO?

As the name implies, the site naturally displays well in the search results without resorting to pay per clicks inclusions to increase the hits.


4. What are the methods used to increase the prominence of a web page in the search results?

The methods used are Indexing, Preventing crawling and increasing prominence of the website /webpage in the search results.


5. Who needs SEO?

Those who are into an Internet business or Internet marketing should go for SEO, as this is the best means to promote and spread the word out about your products, services etc.


6. What is White hat and Black hat SEO?

White hat also called as Ethical SEO employs no impractical means to get found in the search results. It follows the guidelines and standards to optimize a web page/site.The end result is it lasts longer withstanding changes made frequently.

Black hat SEO on the other hand resorts to tricks in the unfair means that results in getting the site found faster in the search results with a shorter life span sometimes getting the website penalized and banned.


7. What are keywords?

    The most important elements in the SEO are keywords. Based on the keywords, the search results are displayed.


8How are keywords important in SEO?

The more the number of keywords, the longer the site is displayed in the search results thus increasing the frequency in the results. Keywords can make or break the site. Selecting the correct keywords can bring visitors to the site directly.


9. What is Link building in SEO?

    Link building is generating links that point to your website to increase its importance on search engines.


10. What is the significance of Link building in SEO?

Links pointing back to the website. So when a search engine sees many links pointing to the same website, they recognise it to be an important website thus ranking it higher.


11. Does website content help in ranking the site high in search engines? 

Yes, it does! The content that meets the users need apart from the look and feel ranks high in the search engine results.


12. What is meant by Search engine friendly?

      Search engine friendly means making the site easy for search engine to read and index.


13. How to rank the website in the top 10 results?

  • Use relevant content.
  • Design the website with being search engine friendly.
  • Extensive keyword research should be conducted which should be included in the content.
  • Back links should be built to improve search results.
  • Avoid unfair means.
  • Flash websites shouldn’t be used.


14. Should I outsource SEO or should I do it myself?

      If you are passionate and can spend ample time, then yes, you can do it yourself or better outsource it to the professionals.

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