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SEO Hertfordshire insights into business blogging

SEO Hertfordshire recommends that if you’re running a business online then the best way to connect with your audience is by maintaining a well-maintained blog. Blogs have emerged as a great way to inform the world about your business. Let us take a look at how you can go about establishing a great blog the SEO Hertfordshire way.

The first SEO Hertfordshire aspect to keep in mind is that business blogging is a different kettle of fish. It is a valuable channel of marketing that integrates wonderfully with other online marketing channels such as email and social media and also with your offline marketing efforts. Updating and promoting a business blog is not the same as maintaining a blog for hobby and hoping to make some passive income through Adsense or affiliate marketing.  You can build credibility, authority and a reputation through blog marketing the SEO Hertfordshire way. Great content will win the hearts of the readers and builds a positive reputation. It can solve problems, provides information, teaches valuable skills, and builds the authority. You can build a personal brand and build relationships using blogging as a strategic tool as recommended by SEO Hertfordshire.

Firstly determine the business objectives of your Blog and why are you venturing on this strategy, next determine who is your target audience. Also determine what sort of information they are seeking, what questions they need answered. Then create content and blogs intended for your audience and with a tone of voice that is synonymous with the target audience.

Objectives can vary from:

  • Raising brand awareness of a product
  • Creating brand awareness for a company
  • Generating leads
  • Nurturing prospects
  • Driving conversions
  • Making sales
  • Shaping the discussion around a particular product, problem, or topic
  • Establishing thought leadership and/or demonstrating the business owner’s (or team’s) expertise
  • Becoming a trusted expert and voice in the market
  • Reaching new verticals with existing products
  • Increasing revenues, sales, and profits

Using social media along with business blogs is crucial to a SEO Hertfordshire strategy

If you’re well-versed in SEO Hertfordshire techniques then you can appreciate the opportunity for social media marketing that each well-written blog post provides. And each piece is an opportunity to convert traffic into sales or leads. The idea behind a business blog is to drive conversions, of one type or the other and this is the bottom line that should drive all your actions related to managing your business blog. Getting backlinks for a good post or a post that goes viral are powerful ancillary benefits that translate to better ranking on the SERPs.

Business blogging thus emerges as a very effective and inexpensive tool to promote your business and is the key to SEO Hertfordshire Strategy. Done right, you can drive a lot of organic traffic your way. And this is where the right SEO Hertfordshire techniques come into play.

SEO Hertfordshire recommends using good titles for blogs

While on the subject of great blogging with SEO Hertfordshire, it would be apt to stress the importance of a good blog title. All things follow from a blog title that can manage to arrest the reader’s attention and force him to move on to the main content. A weak title is a disservice to good content. You may wish to refer a good copywriter’s swipe file to come up with catchy titles that also contain the keyword you choose to target.

A good blog title will be pretty, contain keywords, invite action, promise to inform, and stoke curiosity. Good content, written by a subject matter authority, can go a long way when supported by a well thought out blog title as determined by SEO Hertfordshire.

In fact, it would be a good idea to pick up some cues from good copywriters. These will allow you to guide the reader through the flow of content by using logical arguments, auditory phrases, visual phrases, etc.  in your SEO Hertfordshire strategy.

Let us take a look at the opportunities that present themselves at the confluence of blogging and social media. You can create a blog post promoting a product, service and spread the word via social media. You can make a direct sale via your blog and your social media page. You can drive traffic from social media to your blog to capture leads. It is a symbiotic relation in which your presence on social media strengthens your brand that is being promoted through the blog a recommended by SEO Hertfordshire.

‘Call to actions’ are important as recommended by SEO Hertfordshire

A business blog is a wonderful opportunity to use each blog post to place a call to action and drive lead generation. Or you can have a call-to-action placed in the sidebars. It can be anything…a free ebook, a podcast, free access to subscription content, or in some cases even a physical product to a lucky few. Lists are a powerful means of not just communicating information but of generating sales and a good business blog is the gateway to building targeted lists. With lists and blogs, you can send out feelers and test customer response to an offering, the response will indicate whether you should go ahead as planned and schedule an ad blitz, tweak it a little or drop the idea completely.  These SEO Hertfordshire can be fairly effective.

Using blogs as a informal way to reach your target market SEO Hertfordshire way

A good blog is an informal means of reaching out to present and target customers. And they can reach out to you via the comments section. It allows your business to spot trends and possible shifts in consumer behavior patterns. A solid business blog works as a consultant for you; it provides you with data that you can convert into actionable information as suggested by SEO Hertfordshire.

SEO Hertfordshire tactics suggest business blog post should not be bound by constraints of length, it can be as long or short as required to make your point. With shorter posts, your responsibility of making each word count increases; with longer posts you have a little more latitude. Bulleted posts do well. Lists do great. Short and longs posts discussions have been on for a long time. One other suggested practice SEO Hertfordshire way is to write small blogs as a teaser to a large well written one to vet the appetite of the reader. Generating online content is seen as a great way to demonstrate your knowledge as suggested by SEO Hertfordshire.

Additionally SEO Hertfordshire provides some cool reasons to adopt an active approach to a business blog. Daily or regular blogging results in a steady build up of traffic and most of the traffic is for posts that have aged over a period of time. Posts that manage to age well, i.e. the ones that draw more traffic, offer indicators on what you did right. Don’t expect tons of traffic to arrive from the very first day or even the first week. Be prepared for the long haul. Sustained effort will give you a steady rise in traffic with occasional spikes when a post does really well. Timing is an important angle to factor it. Holidays are a great time to actively seek business through blogs because people are in the mood to spend. Use these strategies to your advantage as suggested by SEO Hertfordshire.

Ditto for events; for example if your business in the U.K deals with tennis gear then you can ramp up your blogging activity as Wimbledon approaches. If you sell stuff that Valentines can gift one another then the month of February is doubtless going to be good for your business provided you take action and reach out through your business blog. These are just some great ways to build your business in the long run SEO Hertfordshire way.

Some additional suggestions for business blogs SEO Hertfordshire way

Make sure that your blog carries all the bells and whistles that improve reader engagement; social sharing buttons, email subscription, easy commenting via Facebook login, etc. These are some suggestion by SEO Hertfordshire.

Identify the different types of readers or consumers that you are going to cater to and have something for everybody. Make your blog interesting. Talking only about yourself will get boring for your readers. Work on creating engaging content SEO Hertfordshire way.

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