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The importance of SEO Link Building gradually grew in the past decade. SEO Link Building is important from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective because the search engines deliver results based on the relevance and the popularity of a website. A website is considered by the search engines like Google, to be important, if many other websites, especially from the same industry, have links towards the website in question.

A backlink or SEO Link Building is an exercise of creating a html link with the use of the html tag. You should have as many backlinks towards your website from reputable websites as possible. The backlinks in the SEO Link Building exercise can also be pointed to internal pages on your website and not necessarily the home page. In fact use deep links to other pages within the site as much as possible rather than just linking to the home page.

The sites that have many backlinks for SEO Link Building objective from other websites, will tend to rank higher on Google and other search engines. These popular search engines have hundreds of millions of visitors and they send free traffic to your website if you rank high on Google, for a search term that people use. If for example, people search for “how to learn math” then the term “how to learn math” is called a search term because it is used by many people to search for information.

The following are the most important types of SEO Link Building methods:

#1: Do follow and no follow backlinks for SEO Link Building.

In the last decade, many discovered the importance of backlinks or SEO Link Building to help rank websites. Armies of people were hired for SEO Link Building for certain websites. As a result, the websites that allowed people to create profiles or post comments, were flooded with people who used the website’s features, simply to post backlinks for a pure SEO Link Building intention and without consideration of the value of the content for the reader.

Google first came up with a solution. It said to website owners, that had to deal with spammers by modifying the value of the attribute rel to “no follow” for the html links. In this way, the websites that had spammy backlinks pointing to them, from a pure SEO Link Building exercise perspective, no longer benefited from their spammy backlinks. In the past couple of years, the importance of the nofollow links decreased gradually. That’s because Google cares about the nofollow backlinks that are pointed from the social media websites like Facebook. Hence they are still relevant from a SEO Link Building perspective.

#2: Reciprocal backlinks for SEO Link Building.

Reciprocal backlinks happen when two website owners talk to each other and put backlinks between their websites. Certain websites have a page called “resources” where all of these backlinks are added.

#3: Blogroll backlinks for SEO Link Building.

Many blogs have a section in their design layout or sidebar called blogroll. Inside the blogroll section, the blog owners add a list of links to other websites that the blog owner considered to be relevant or important.

#4: Reputable links from high PR pages for SEO Link Building.

The websites that are popular and have many backlinks pointing towards them, tend to be ranked higher. Especially in the beginning, Google cared a lot about the PR or page rank of all the web pages out there. It is still important to a degree for SEO Link Building

#5: Comment links for SEO Link Building.

These backlinks are added in the comment box, where people comment on certain websites. Many website owners actually want in the beginning, to have as many people that are called comment spammers, to comment on their websites. This is because when Google sees so many comments and activity, it automatically believes that the website starts to have some traction to genuine users.

#6: Social bookmarking and social websites backlinks for SEO Link Building.

These are usually nofollow backlinks, that are posted by people, on their social profiles. Have as many of those because the search engines care about them as well. This has been factored into the new updates from Google.

#7: Onsite links for SEO Link Building or internal link structure.

The pages on the same website, can have links between each other. The search engines care about this link structure a lot. So be careful, which page on your website, has the most internal or onsite links, because it will tend to rank higher on the search engines.

#8: Backlinks from websites that are from the same industry for SEO Link Building.

If you own a health related website, Google and other search engines expect that other health related websites will link to your website. So get as many backlinks from related websites. This will increase relevancy and make them more pertinent.

#9: Affiliate links for SEO Link Building.

They are links towards affiliate networks whose purpose is to register a visitor that was referred by affiliate marketing. They usually redirect to another website where the actual sales page for the product exists.

#10: Paid backlinks for SEO Link Building.

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SEO Link Building-the significance of back links is important due to algorithm updates, ensure relevance and diversity of links without stuffing keywords.