SEO London Steps to Rid Your Site of Duplicate Content


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There is no debating the fact that duplicate content pulls your site down with its weight; search engines impose a stiff penalty, in the form of poor rankings, on sites that carry duplicate content. With SEO London you can eliminate duplicate content and present unique material to search engines.

A good webmaster knows that keeping a site clear off duplicate content is not difficult; but you need to know about the issues to target; this is where SEO London techniques can be put to use.

The first SEO London step to take is to ensure that each page on your site owns a distinct and unique URL. When does the problem of multiple URLs pointing to a single page arise? One reason it happens is when both www and non-www versions of a page exist. Ecommerce websites maintain session IDs to gather information about visitors. Sometimes, ecommerce websites add session IDs to URLs. Thus, multiple URLs end up pointing to the same page and end up confusing Google. And all this duplicate content also ends up sharing the “link juice” that should ideally be boosting just one unique URL.

Removing session IDs from URLs is easy; a simple step from the settings section of the ecommerce system you are using.

If your site responds to both www and non-www URLs then use 301 redirects to guide search engines to the one you wish to be indexed. With WordPress, it is easy to do with the help of a plugin. Or you can do so directly through your webhost. If you are removing duplicate content then you need to make it a point to redirect links from duplicate pages to the one unique page. This SEO London tip ensures that all the link juice is passed on from the duplicate page to the one you wish to be promoted on the search engines.

If you wish to avoid 301 redirects, no problems, it can be done. SEO London has that covered too. Canonicalization is the thing to do. This is what it looks like and is meant to be placed in the head section of all duplicate pages –

From an SEO London point of view it is worthwhile to remember that CMS systems such as WordPress implement a pagination system that can create multiple URLs pointing to the same page. The way out is to disable pagination. May not be a problem with your blog, but a simple search on Google throws up millions of pages with duplicate content due to pagination issues. Printer-friendly pages are another thing that can lead to duplicate content. The SEO London solution is to use a Print Style Sheet.

The easiest and most powerful SEO London technique to check if your site is being bogged down by duplicate content is to make use of Google Webmaster Tools. If you run a website, then you simply need a Google Webmaster Tools account, it provides a wealth of information that can help you optimize your website. Go to Optimization > HTML Improvements; here you will learn if there are duplications in your meta descriptions and title tags.

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The first SEO London step to take is to ensure that each page on your site owns a distinct and unique URL.