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SEO London-The Right Image

SEO London wants to remind you that one factor often overlooked when posting your blog is to include a relevant image. With so much traffic going through social media hubs, we are now virtually automatically programmed to stop at an image that takes out attention, and if it is held long enough, then we are more likely to read on. SEO services in London can talk you through what makes an image work and the pitfalls to avoid when making your choice. There are new social sites springing up that specialise in image based blogging, so now is a good time to perfect your image choosing and usage. Image files are easily transferred through Google and Facebook, and they have both been known to drive traffic.

SEO London’s Image of Social Media

SEO agency knows sites such as Pinterest that have links built in to photos. Without an image, you don’t get included in this type of traffic so keep you finding new avenues to explore. They can assist you with these sites. You can choose from stock photos or use info graphics produced by your enterprise and give an easily identifiable chart or graph based image to talk about. Make sure you have included all your keyword and link details correctly to all images or captions and also watermark your photos in case of separation. SEO London insists on correct spelling accuracy is a must for backlink work or blogging as people will be reluctant to send on misspelled work. For hyperlinks always test the Open Link in a New Window to make sure your content will correctly return the reader back to your site with a functioning point of return. SEO Consultant will help you turn your blog into a mini infomercial for maximum impact.

When you are ready to publish your blog, look for current trends in traffic. Google Analytics can help explain in grid form. SEO company in London has the technical knowledge available to you.


  • Stick to peak traffic times and working hours for higher viewer counts.
  • Keep your content consistent with bold and italics and make it easier on the eye.
  • You can now focus on distributing and socialising your blog post.
  • Share on the major social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

SEO London can help you with all aspects of marketing your website, marketing your blog, digital marketing or Website Design.

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SEO company in London wants to remind you that one factor often overlooked when posting your blog is to include a relevant image