The definitive SEO London Guide To Link Building


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The definitive SEO London Guide To Link Building

This part of the definitive SEO London guide to link building will explore content-based linkbuilding strategies.

Before you get down to building link building strategy, you must be confident that the content you will use to prospect links is of value and not run-of-the-mill stuff. That’s non-negotiable. If you do not have the time or the ability, outsource content work. Link building is a part of your overall marketing plan. The expenses will have to be factored in and accounted for. You can come up with metrics to measure the ROI on your linkbuilding efforts. A boost in traffic after getting backlinks, conversions from the new traffic, increase in traffic sources, number of .edu links can serve as useful metrics.

Just as you would create buyer personas before initiating a lead generation project, you need to have personas of linkers in mind. Categorize potential linkers based upon their position relevant to your content. How will these guys be affected? Are they end-users, service providers, after sales guys, or regular blokes with websites of your niche who will share good content?

You should fashion great content of use to each category and reach out to them via email or social media to solicit their approval of your work. A great SEO London tip for coming up with great content, whether linkbait, evergreen, or topical is that you tap into the information and opinions of others. These could be your co-employees or even members from your intended audience. Ideas thus gathered will serve as starters for your thinking process. Ask questions for which you seek answers. What are the keywords that you are trying to rank for? Is the link building exercise to build authority or generate sales? If it is to build authority, then the content has to be of a certain type – insightful and not to be found elsewhere. You would target other authorities for links. If you wish to generate sales, you can target opinion influencers on social media and thought leaders through their websites.

Effective SEO London Link Building Plan

There are a number of tools out there that can be of immense use in helping you construct a streamlined and effective SEO London link building plan.

If you plan to pick and choose the right people to follow on twitter – the ones whose retweets will garner maximum results for you then FollowerWonk can save you hours of work. Type in a keyword and it will throw up tweeters on the topic. You can rank tweeters according to the number of followers they have. Each tweeter is given a score to measure his reach or power to influence others on that platform. You can select the people you wish to engage with. A must-use tool if you have a plan to garner links via twitter.

Content that offers real-world executable solutions will always find takers. It is one of the most powerful content types that can rise above the clutter. If you have the expertise to help people make their lives easier, then please do not let your skills go to waste. Find out what people are searching for; what are their pain points? What is the bane of their lives? is a wonderful tool that throws up long tail keyphrases; use this tool to locate questions that people are seeking answers for.

In a nutshell, create content that fulfils a need and you’re on your way to getting quality backlinks. And while you’re soliciting links, do make it a point to analyse the personas that are most responsive. Is it because you’re solving issues for them? Why does your content touch a chord with a particular set? Which means of communication while soliciting links works best – email, messages on Facebook, or direct messages on Twitter? Ask for suggestions to improve your content and be open to implementing the sensible ones.

Do you know how internet memes work? Do you think you could make a few funny ones work for you? Such memes are a great way to grab eyeballs and shares. It gets you a share of the viewer’s mind and the opportunity to earn links without having to try for them.

Do you know how lists work? Everybody loves lists. These can be either of general interest in your niche or catering to a need; like the top twenty nine apps for weight loss; the best forty nine job boards for coders; the ultimate list of iPhone hacks; the big guide to discount sites, etc. These will work and they’ll work smashingly well for your niche. Be creative with lists.

Play around with Google syntax for the different types of query combinations that you can use. There are many possible combinations for a given keyphrase and when used intelligently, the results will throw up website owners for whom that particular piece of content is relevant and you can solicit a backlink from them.

Here is a quick reference list of search operators for you –
• Site:
• Link:
• Related:
• Inurl:
• Intext:

Symbols and punctuations play a very useful role in helping us craft proper search queries. You can also use search operators to look up email addresses of brand influencers and website owners that you may wish to approach for links.

Are you up to the task of creating something useful for your end users? Do this right and promote it nicely and you’ll get backlinks by the bucketful. These could be an ebook, that’s easily done or an app, which is not that easy but can be very useful to people. A piece of freely downloadable software of relevance in your niche would work very nicely to get you traction in your niche and links. This SEO London tip for link building is more relevant for B2B websites looking for inbound links.

CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin that is a wonderful way to get deep links to your posts. Comment on sites with CommentLuv enabled and you will earn a link automatically. If you’re looking to accumulate links through comments, then make it a point to target Drupal-based sites. A lot of these sites offer do-follow links. This is the kind of pro tip that you’ll get only from us.

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A great SEO London tip for coming up with great content, whether linkbait, evergreen, or topical is that you tap into the information and opinions of others.