The Importance of Mobile Marketing


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Mobile Marketing and its Significance

Before Mobile Marketing emerged , over the last two decades, marketers have witnessed a considerable metamorphosis from traditional to the online world and this change has been continuously evolving. In the first few years, the emphasis was on building a website for online presence; everyone participated in this change. An online presence was then of utmost importance, the concepts of PPC, SEO and other methods of Online marketing were the  major contributors to the success of the online presence.A few years down the road Online marketing reached its zenith, the proliferation of social media metamorphosed Online marketing. With advent of social media networks sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, the practice of social media marketing took priority. To everyone’s astonishment, the change is happening again. Now the new kid on the block is mobile marketing.

Very often, the term mobile marketing is associated to sending advertising messages to people’s mobile phones. Some years back, this might have been the case, but now mobile marketing entails new methods far more advanced and incredible. It does involve more than just SMS or messages. Mobile marketing can mean anything from mobile sites that render customised content suitable for the mobile device including smart phones or tablets, social media marketing along with location based services, MMS marketing, mobile apps and mobile commerce –amongst others. Mobile marketing is the overarching strategy and all other mobile services are part of it. These services have the potential to help engage the company’s customers, bring new customers through lead generation and build brand awareness, credibility and loyalty.

Proliferation of the Mobile devices for Mobile Marketing

Recent statistics of mobile marketing indicate that the use of smart phones and tablets is increasing at a rapid rate all over the world. Mobile handsets vendors worldwide continue to release new versions of their technologies i.e. BlackBerry, iPhone 5, Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and tablet PCs like the iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1, Asus Transformer Tab TF300 T and BlackBerry Playbook, more and more people are using the power of mobile. More than 50% of the phones sold today are smart-phones, hence the scope of mobile marketing growing even more rapidly is evident.

We live in a environment today, where information is exchanged fast and people are largely using the handheld devices to access this information  hence Mobile Marketing is quite essential as a marketing tool.

Mobile Marketing or Mobile Advertising is continuing to grow in terms of Budget Share

  • In 2011, UK marketers (29% ) spent 6-10% of their digital budget on mobile marketing and advertising
  • A substantial increase over 13% that historically allocated that share toward mobile marketing and advertising in 2009
  • Mobile marketing and advertising spends had seen an increase between 2009 to 2010
  • £49.8 million was spent on mobile Marketing and advertising in the UK in 2010, an increase of £12.2 million over 2009
  • Again 10-20% of the digital budget will be spent on mobile marketing and advertising this year by 13% of marketers , while 6% of those surveyed expressed that 21-40% of their budget will be spent on mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing Spends are likely to continue to grow exponentially over the Next Few Years

  • In 2014 an estimated £285 million is predicted to be spent on mobile marketing and advertising in the UK
Mobile Marketing ad spend graph

A few years ago when we spoke of mobile phones, we discussed basic vanilla handsets that could do no more than make phone calls. Now, mobile phones are used for everything  and not just for calling, browsing the Internet, interacting and engaging on the social media, using the phones to buy , seeking information, gathering news, to get from one location to another, send mails, check-in on Foursquare, find coupons amongst others, now these devices are so much more than just phones, they are mini computers. They pack more computing power than some of the erstwhile mainframes in the 1970’s and more computing power than was used on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. It’s a revelation.

As marketers, it’s important for us to step to explore methods of how we can engage consumers in constantly with mobile  ranging from text, call, apps, push notifications to QR codes and social media. A mobile device is a person’s first point of contact with the Internet, through email, texts, applications, or mobile-optimised web content. Mobile sites can also be optimised for search engines to improve organic search rankings. Half of those between 16-25 and 43% of those aged 25-44 upload self-created content online. App-based ad spending is predicted to reach $7 billion by 2015. In conclusion we can say that the growth in mobile marketing is significant and will continue to grow at a rapid pace, you either join the mobile marketing trend to leverage it or you ignore it, is your choice.


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Mobile Marketing -marketers have witnessed a considerable metamorphosis from traditional to the online world and now Mobile Marketing is set to lead the way