The True Value of an Affordable Search Engine Marketing Company


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That your online business needs the services of a search engine marketing company is a given. If you’ve spent some time researching SEM / SEO services on offer then you would have noticed that there is many a search engine marketing company that is looking to make clients pay through their noses for internet marketing and optimization services. This raises two questions. What should you be paying for search engine marketing services? Can affordable search engine marketing companies deliver quality work?


The answer to the first question is that your SEM expenses should be commensurate with the value you derive from the services. Second, there is absolutely no reason why a search engine marketing company cannot be affordable and yet deliver results. It is pertinent to remember that search engine marketing is an ongoing expense, which is why you need to tie up with a company that, at the very minimum, offers value for money. A shift from one company to another should be avoided because it entails costs in more ways than one. There will be teething issues with the new company, data migration may take time and is an expense, plus there may be a drop in the quantity and quality of online marketing output, this can directly affect sales and business acquisition.


The continuous evolution of online marketing channels makes it imperative that you spend time in selecting a search engine marketing company; this is because there is a lot of planning involved in first identifying your SEM objectives and then formulating a plan to deliver those objectives.


How do you assess the true value of a search engine marketing company? Cost, of course, is a factor and you should shop around for the lowest cost. While comparing, keep the deliverables constant and also factor in the experience and quality of work of the providers being compared. While the channels available for search engine marketing may be the same, the strategies for online visibility may vary with the search engine company. This means that you need to evaluate social media marketing ideas, press release capabilities, pay per click, affiliate marketing, and content marketing for effectiveness and economy.


A search engine marketing company with a reputation for affordability will definitely have a plan for driving organic traffic to your site so that the marketing cost can be driven down. SEO content plays a big role in attracting traffic to a website. Social media offers free marketing channels to distribute content. These include YouTube for video content and others such as Twitter, Facebook, and Quora where you can leverage content plus your subject-matter expertise to gain an audience. It goes without saying that all search engine marketing efforts factor the latest search engine optimization requirements. Given that the latest SEO thrust by Google is towards yielding accurate results for local searches, you should check if your search engine marketing company has a plan for targeting local prospects looking out for products and services similar to what you sell.


Keyword research, optimization, organization, and promotion of keyword content are central to a search engine marketing plan that is both successful and economical in the long term. A result-driven search engine marketing company will study your SEM requirements and then prepare a strategy for content creation that makes optimal use of product pages for e-commerce sites; blog posts for customer engagement and getting out SEO content; articles that break news or carry interviews; guides and ebooks for downloads and list building; and videos.


Often, something as useful as a glossary can get you high on the rankings for multiple search terms. And glossaries are easy to create. Similarly, cleverly executed sweepstakes and contests on social media give you ready leads for an email marketing effort.


A search engine marketing company that has had previous demonstrable success in your niche is well-placed to chalk up keywords that can be used to direct paid and organic traffic to your site.


How much of the work will your company have to do to market your online property? A search engine marketing company that offers its services for cheap may try to wash its hands off the hard work and instead try and get you to the job. Without in-house expertise and manpower to spare, you’ll either do a poor job or end up spending more than you had planned to. Remember, your SEM marketing partner should offer you value for the money you spend and the cheapest option in the market does not always offer the best value. And the value is quantified in terms of the customers and prospects that a search engine marketing company can get for your business. Compare companies on this parameter; compare the costs and then calculate the time to get a return on your investment. The search engine marketing company with a short time to ROI with the chosen deliverables should be the one you should go with. But, compare the theoretical ROI with actual past performance of the company. Cross-check what an agency says with information through Google search.


Be prepared to work with more than one search engine marketing company at a time; it may be a chore but could yield better results. If one SEM agency excels in social media marketing while another has a proven track record with PPC ads, then split the work.


Finally, keep in mind that when it comes to search engine marketing, the process is dynamic and you should be prepared to change strategy based on results. This makes quick reporting crucial. Real-time reporting is a big plus because it allows you to divert your budget to strategies that are working. It saves you money.


And when you’re done selecting an SEM company, be sure to go through the contract with deliberate care. Do not sign up till you’ve understood all that’s written in the terms and conditions of the contract. The contract specifies things such as method of reporting, reporting medium, issue reconciliation, deliverables, division of work, etc.


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A search engine marketing company with a reputation for affordability will definitely have a plan for driving organic traffic to your site so that the marketing cost can be driven down.