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SEO Company London and Traditional approaches

Any reputable SEO company London can tell you that Google has been making some serious changes to its search algorithm. In fact, it has already made some really revolutionary changes in last year alone that have changed the whole search engine industry. In short, the traditional methods used by any SEO company London are not effective anymore. Google has changed almost every rule, and if any SEO company London needs to keep its client happy, it has to follow these new rules to deliver them desirable results. To cut the long story short, this whole up-gradation thing is done to make web search a better experience to the users and to eliminate sites from the search engine result pages (SERP’s) that had been using fraudulent and black-hat techniques to trick search engines. Let’s compare the traditional SEO scene with the new overhauled search algorithms and their new rules.

SEO Company London and Traditional approach

Traditionally SEO Companies used to follow a certain set of fixed rules to optimise all their sites. For instance, if a company wanted to optimise a website for a keyword ‘buy shoes London’, it would optimise the whole website for this phrase. Secondly, it would publish content by using various platforms such as press release sites and article sites to link back to the original site with the embedded keywords. Thirdly companies used to indulge in massive link building strategies to make their websites rank better.

The concepts used by any SEO company London were pretty simple. If the backlinks to your website have specific keywords as the anchor text, Google would consider your website important and relevant when someone searches for those particular keywords.It was actually a straightforward process, and all you needed was to build links with ROI keywords as the linking text, and get hoards of qualified customers to your business.

SEO industry after Panda and Penguin updates

If you come to think of it, the back-linking search rank strategy used by search engines was nearly flawless, but the main problem occurred when people started posting their content all over the internet and linking back to their own websites. Recent updates by Google look for and eliminate these unnatural backlinks. Actually search engines can detect these spam links quite easily by just looking at the anchor text. For instance; if the anchor text of a back link has the words, ‘buy shoes London’, Google can clearly see that it’s not a natural back-link. In fact, these types of links can also result in the penalisation of your site.

Fortunately, there are few effective things that you can use to rectify your old content and to make sure that your new content will deliver you great results. Firstly, use Google Keyword Tool to edit all your old links. Secondly, create content for your users, not for the search engines. Ask your SEO Company London to find new ways to link back to your website instead of using over abused places such as directories and press release websites.

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Any reputable SEO company London can tell you that Google has been making some serious changes to its search algorithm.