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Page rank and what it means. Let SEO services London explain. Page Rank by Google, also referred to as PR, is a labelling system for the quality of a web page and its website. It uses a numbered measurement system representing ranks from 1 as the lowest up to 10. Be aware, you may have a high PR for your site such as 4, but your pages may be falling way behind down below 2, for instance. Here at SEO services we know that only too well and our aim is to get all our clients’ page ranks the highest possible.
The best way to rectify the situation is to keep adding more quality content consistently over time and endeavour to pick up more comments, tweets and additional backlinks, and you should see your PR slowly climb. There is no guarantee on the rate of promotion and ranks can take increasing amounts of time to achieve as you climb each level. Don’t forget, Google amend their ranking system continually, and freshness of content is a contributing factor, so sites undergoing little or no additional content will fallback. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the quality up and keep it coming. SEO services London recommends you look out for tools such as SEOquake and Quirk Search Status to display page ranks of just about any page you wish to visit. Don’t forget, just because a site may have a very low PR doesn’t necessarily mean it is not worthy of one of your backlinks to your site. A site that has a current page rank of say 1 or 2 may easily be headed for a rank of 4, 5 or 6 in the future. This, in turn, increases the backlink you left on their site and so reflects well on you. Therefore, you should include in your strategy a policy of leaving good comments on sites on PR 1, 2 or 3, that contain good content and relevancy to your site. This can pay dividends in the long run adding value to your backlinks.

Website Quality

Website and blogs can have many different attributes as the sites themselves are for different purposes. Just building links to drive traffic aimlessly will also fail the index test because the information found may not be relevant enough. SEO services London can help you with your backlink strategy planning. Your backlink strategy should, therefore, identify both quality and relevance of the site’s content and will be dependent on many attributes. This will significantly affect the overall backlink effectiveness and success of using these attributes. 

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The best way to gain PR is to keep adding more quality content consistently over time and endeavour to pick up more comments, tweets and additional backlinks.