Video Content for SEO can help with Search Engine Optimisation and help you rank faster


Internet marketing is simply a very vast topic. If you have already been trying out internet marketing for your business, you will realise that there are many ways and channels that you can market and advertise your business on. Here, we will focus on video content for SEO, which is the latest type of web content that has been gaining lots of attention from internet users.

Video Marketing

Popularity of Video Content for SEO

Apart from the ever popular article content, now businesses can take advantage of the video content for SEO to market their business. No doubt, this type of content is quickly overtaking article content especially with Google owning Youtube now. It is easier to rank video content than an optimised article content. YouTube video’s are the second most popular online activity among Internet users in the UK (50% of respondents in February 2012) as per e-marketer

If you do a search on Google for a product you will no doubt come across with a slew of videos on a particular product. In fact, it is even easier to find a video review than an article review of a product. Beside video dominating the web, it is also a preferred by web users as it is much easier to watch a video on a good review than to read lengthy review articles. Simply put, video content for SEO is much more appealing. YouTube ranked in third place (3.41%) in the top 10 most popular websites amongst Internet users.

Video Content is easy to create and relatively inexpensive means for SEO

Video content is easy to create and there are thousands of video’s getting uploaded everyday from all over the world. This type of content is much cheaper to create and faster. With that, businesses are able to create more quantity of videos than articles in a same time frame.

With videos you can easily make your company stand out in the overcrowded place like the World Wide Web. As mentioned, Video Content for SEO can help improve your website presence in the search engines. Research has shown it helps your SERP ranking. Unlike article content which is hard to get shared, video content is just easier to get shared and can greatly increases your business online presence.

Leverage Video Content for SEO- it is convenient

Secondly, Video Content is an advantage over your competitors. As many people are lazy to create video, you can take advantage of it by becoming the pioneer or the first few in your niche to quickly build up a solid profile for your business. In another way, this is a fast track for you to become an authority in your niche through video content.

Finally, videos can reach a wider audience especially mobile users. Unlike text, videos play well in many mobile devices today that already have the capability to show short clips of video pretty easily. So, compared to an article of 1000 words and a video, mobile users will opt for the video over the article at anytime due to its convenience. Besides it is less painful to watch a 5 minutes video than straining your eyes out to read the small texts displayed on the already small screen of your phone.

At WSI, we provide video content for SEO marketing services to help you take advantage of this powerful channel to grow your business online. If you are interested to explore marketing opportunities via video, feel free to contact us at WSI to help you.

Video Content for SEO is the fastest growing segment and is experiencing rapid growth

  • Display – more specifically, video content in advertising – will experience the highest growth rate among all UK online ad spending by a significant margin-emarketer
  • In 2012, eMarketer had forecasted that video advertising spend would experience 70.7% growth, which is more than 50% higher than the second highest projection (email at 17.9%). It has surpassed that projection- emarketer
  • The growth of video advertising’s spend is predicted to drop slightly over the next few years, but its expected growth rate of 45.2% for 2015 is still extremely high and indicative of a powerful trend-emarketer
  • As per the latest research in 2013 47.8% of Internet users are in the age group of 15-44 yrs.

Video Content for SEO is the most important means to achieve a good ranking

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