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Learn how you can leverage web analytics for improved website conversions. Using web analytics to monitor online sales is important. If you are using web analytics, to only measure the number of visitors you are getting, you are missing out on a wealth of information that can used to assess and improve your online conversion rate.

Here are 5 key measurements that will help identify your websites strengths and weaknesses.

Firstly identify your key performance indicators. Knowing what your main website goals are will allow you to monitor your web analytics beyond counting your website hits. If one of your KPI’s is to increase subscribers for example, you can test the strength of your website offer or its webpage positioning to see what works best.

Secondly know where your traffic is coming from. If you carry out any organic or paid search campaigns knowing the source of your website traffic is vital to learn where to focus your effort to achieve the best return.

Thirdly monitor your bounce rate. The bounce rate reflects the percentage of people that visit only one page before they exit your website. A high bounce rate indicates a lack of sticky content and visitors not finding anything of interest before clicking away.

Fourthly it is most important to measure your conversion rate. It is important to not only measure how many conversions you are achieving in relation to the site visits but also to identify which traffic sources are driving the most conversions. A key metric while allocating your paid search budget.

Fifth review social media activity. A good web analytics solutions will enable you to track social media activity in real time. Knowing what topics and conversations are driving the most traffic will help you focus your social media efforts.

In conclusion do not ignore website analytics. In the right hands web analytics can provide a wealth of information to help improve your websites effectiveness.

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Web Analytics can be leveraged for improved website conversions. Using web analytics to check traffic means you are missing out on a wealth of information