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Tips for effective mobile marketing

Here is an interesting stat. The use of internet in America and Western Europe has almost doubled from what it was in 2010. The big web design London benefit with a responsive design is that you only need to work on your web design once and you’re done. This amazing growth in internet use and penetration has come riding on the back of mobile devices – tablets and smartphones.

By 2017, more than a third of the internet traffic will come from mobile devices. Mobile users are active purchasers and often face situations that require quick resolution. It could be locating a shoe shop in the vicinity, an opportunity for your business or locating a coffee shop close by, another opportunity. If you notice that a section of your web traffic is made up of tablets and smartphones users then you need to have a plan in place to engage with mobile traffic, do business with them, and generate leads.

Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing

The first and foremost requirement of engaging with mobile web traffic is to keep in mind the screen sizes of the devices used. You have to ensure a smooth viewing experience for mobile users and for this you need to have a mobile friendly responsive site design. A responsive site design ensures that visitors to your website get an optimal viewing and navigation experience every time. This is crucial because according to one study by Google, 9 out of 10 mobile users begin their engagement on one device and take it forward on another. A viewer may like a product while checking it out on a laptop and may decide to purchase it while using the net on a handheld, but if the content on the seller’s site has not been optimized for viewing on a mobile device, then it is a sale lost. As a marketer, you have to ensure a seamless experience for the user. You have to market to a mobile audience not as a matter of choice but as a necessity.

A responsive design helps you sell more. It is a given that you will generate more sales from a website that is considerate to the viewing experience of the mobile user. Businesses can improve your mobile conversion rates by three times if they use a responsive web design. Large buttons, a clear interface, and easy to understand navigation can make a big difference to how a visitor perceives your brand. Yes, a mobile user’s experience can either enhance or degrade your brand’s image. You have a lot riding on a good and responsive web design meant for the mobile consumer. If a visitor can get what he’s looking for in one or two clicks, you’re on safe ground, if not you can kiss that mobile visitor goodbye. And, most likely he’s not going to come back. There’s no dearth of well-designed mobile friendly sites out there.

Having a good or even a great product and a fantastic deal is only part of the job done, you have to make it easier for the prospective mobile buyer to make a purchase. He’s not interested in jumping hoops trying to locate the “buy” button or having to zoom in and zoom out to read reviews.

Update the web design and step back. You don’t need to maintain separate versions of their sites – one for computers and another for mobile devices. You are free from the chore of having to maintain and update two versions of your site. A responsive site also helps with SEO. This is a huge web design London advantage of a responsive site. It allows you to conduct marketing on mobile devices in a much more structured and efficient manner. Mobile friendly websites with optimized keyword content rank well on mobile search. Google factors in the user experience on mobile sites to rank them on the SERPs. With good keyword content on responsive design sites you can get a steady stream of organic traffic to complement your PPC marketing.

Once you have web design London website ready for mobile devices you can focus on content tactics to generate leads. If you’re looking to generate leads then there is no escaping forms. While you cannot totally rid your mobile friendly web design London site of forms, you can make the filling of forms less of a chore for your visitors.

Use progressive profiling forms; these forms automatically fill in details about your prospects from what is already known. Ask only what is absolutely essential and in most cases, a name and email ID suffices to begin the process of lead nurturing. And you can gradually obtain other pieces of information from the subscribed lead.

With mobile devices, you are constrained for space. A responsive theme will know what to highlight. But as far as landing pages are concerned, you should keep content pithy and the call to action very precise. Use the active voice.One way to encourage mobile traffic to purchase and also to measure engagement is to provide discounts redeemable only via mobile traffic. Mobiles also serve to bring offline traffic to your online store. This is achieved with the help of scan-able QR Codes. You can come with different ways to dangle a carrot in front of mobile visitors in exchange of a simple like or follow on Facebook or Twitter. You could offer them access to exclusive content or email them a discount coupon, etc. In return, you build your community with the help of mobile traffic. Or just ask offline prospects to SMS a simple message to avail a discount on your online store. They get their discounts and you get mobile numbers to tap for generating traffic to your website home page or landing pages.

Mobiles are an extremely effective interface that bridges the online and offline worlds. Your mobile website can get you closer to customers both online and offline.

As with any form of marketing, there is no escaping testing. So split test your content to find out about the sentence construction, font type and size, placement, and other elements. Adjust accordingly.

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The first and foremost requirement of engaging with mobile web traffic is to keep in mind the screen sizes of the devices used. You have to ensure a smooth viewing experience for mobile users and for this you need to have a mobile friendly responsive site design.