Web Design Process- Plan for SEO


Web Design Process Planning for SEO


Web Design Process – Applying SEO from Start

You may have succeeded in having an impressive web design but without marketing, your great web design will go to waste. Website owners should consider the idea of investing in SEO on their websites so that more people will know about their business. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and when your website is optimised, it will rank higher and attract more traffic of the right type of users that you will need for your business. Below are some of the simple SEO tactics that you can use, to improve the functionality of your web design, leveraging the digital asset the website.

 Plan for SEO in your Web Design Process

Research your keywords well before you start on the design process. Then work on the site structure and layout the content that will be needed for the services and products that you are trying to promote. Ensure that site structure is friendly and users do not have to dig deep to get to the relevant content.

 Keywords for SEO in Web Design Process

When someone search on the search engine like Google or Yahoo, they will usually type in a keyword or a short phrase of what they are looking for. If you happen to be providing the product, service or solution that these users are looking for, your website will show up in the search results provided that your website is optimised for the keyword they are searching for. When you rank high on the search results, such as the first page, then you will get more traffic than the other pages that rank lower or in pages after the first page of the search results.

 Relevant Content is essential for Web Design as well as SEO

Provide relevant content that contains the keyword of what your page is about. Not only will your users like, relevant content that provides them the information they need, search engines too like relevant content that contains the keyword and the whole page related to the keyword. However, don’t overuse the keyword in your content because a keyword stuffed content is not only annoying to read but also looks like a page that is written to serve the search engines more than real human beings. Search engines often changes their algorithm and when such content is detected it can cause your website to lose your ranking in the search results.

Pretty URLs for SEO in your Web Design

Pretty URLs isn’t about using flowery words but about including keywords and readable words in your links. It is an advantage that can boost your website rankings and also looks much nicer than a long string of texts that makes no sense. Search engines likes the neat format of using 2 to 3 words in your URL while your human users will be glad that your URL is easier to remember.

 Page Loading Speed is essential for Web Design that is user friendly

Search engines will rank a website lower than those that has faster loading speed. This is because it ties back to the usability of your website. A slow and heavy page that takes forever to load doesn’t provide a good user experience and your users will flee from your website than to wait for it to load as they have plenty of other choices simply by visiting your competitor’s websites. By speeding up your website loading time, you can reduce the use of large files and images on your website. If you are someone who codes the website, you can ensure that your website doesn’t suffer from code bloat, that will affect your website loading speed.

Quality Links for your Search Ranking for Web Design

Remember to interlink your webpages together and also invest some time and effort in getting good quality links from other websites that are relevant to your niche as well as from authority sites. Treat these links as testimonials for your website and if possible get as many of these good links back to boost your website’s ranking in the search engine results.

The above are the top 6 aspects of SEO that you can easily implement in your Web Design. When you start optimising your website, you will notice that your website will improve significantly leading to more traffic and conversion.

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Web Design Process-Plan for SEO from start, research the keywords well before you start on the design, give ample thought to the content that will be needed